Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Halloween and The American Horror Story Election: We Are Caught In The Middle of a Fun Holiday and a Terrible Election

I was going to talk about how my family is divided between Halloween and the election.  I was going to say that Mom & Faith are focused on our party.  Joy is focused on making the best contacts for us and of course I am focused mainly on saving our country from the reality show American Horror Story: Election.  Mom and Faith just walked into the house and guess what? They had a two hour "discussion" with a Trump supporter.  Faith is vowing to not go out again unless absolutely necessary.  For her, running into another Trump supporter would be a real nightmare.  And there you have it, even mom (Glenda the Good) and Faith Hope, who have been the only two fighting to enjoy Halloween got pulled into this horror story today.

We have an election with a p**sy groping hand, claims that the Central Park 5 aren't innocent (even though they are), Putin digging around in American politics, and racism becoming mainstream! It is a nightmare and for a while mom and Faith did their best to keep this election in the far background of their lives.  We are all voting for Clinton.  We all watch the debates.  I unfortunately spend almost every moment online and watching CNN and MSNBC.  Don't get me wrong Halloween is like my favorite holiday.  My ringtone used to be the theme song from the movie Halloween.  I really wish I could relax and enjoy this time but I can't.  I am worried about my beloved country.  We are a proud melting pot with many beautiful holidays and traditions including Halloween.  We are a divided family because we can't agree on how we need to spend our time.  We are all voting but I feel we need to do more than that.  The rest of My Royal Family 4 would like spend more time enjoying this beautiful Fall weather, of course they can't really because the election is everywhere and they are very concerned.

I want to have a good time but the election is literally ruining what would normally be great moments.  When the four of us go out to a bar we hear awful things from these Trump supporters.  When we watch the debates we scream at the TV because of the ridiculous, racist, sexist and just plain wrong things that Trump says.  We are even disagreeing on how to respond to this living nightmare.  I say we vote early and go to a battleground state on election day.  Mom says we should vote and just live our lives.  Mom and I had a major argument.  She raised all of us to be active in defending our rights as women and as black women.  I know that our energy will help get at least one person to vote that may have skipped the polls. I think we should be in a battleground state on election day.  Joy and Faith are remaining neutral.  They both think our energy needs to focus on our businesses but they also want to be part of the festivities election day.

Tomorrow is the last debate.  I had planned to have a party but after the last debate I am afraid.  We will watch but we may not invite people over.  Then again we may.  We throw last minute parties all the time.  The first debate Faith made Korean food.  The second debate we went to Clinton's Louisville, KY headquarters.  Tomorrow we will stay home.  I think the theme should be comfort food.  We need some comfort right now.  I intend to vote this Friday.  I intend to be in a battleground state on Nov. 8, 2016.  I must admit I am tired of it all.  This Saturday Halloween will have my focus. I will try my best to make sure the rest of the 4 feel great and energized.  I will do my best to make this nightmare of an election our best HALLOWEEN EVER!  I don't know how but it starts right after the last debate and I can't wait.  If I get Joy, Mom and Faith really happy maybe they will help me on Nov. 8th. I'm not asking them to work all day, just maybe 2 hours and then we'll explore the city.  Maybe spread some early Holiday cheer.  I added a poll asking what city we should visit, please vote.  It will help me persuade them.

Click here to tell us which Battleground city is more fun and needs our help November 8th!