Sunday, August 11, 2013

Introductions: The Magic That Is

Mother Daughter Team
Mother Daughter Team

My Royal Family 4 Don't Ask Permission

There are of course four of us, one mother and three daughters.  Two are earth signs and two are air.  Two are born in the same year and three are born in the same month. All three daughters are cardinal signs (born leaders).  Maybe it would be easier to explain if I gave the stats:

Mother           Born- September       Virgo          Earth Sign

Daughter #1   Born- January           Capricorn    Earth Sign

Daughter #2   Born-September        Libra            Air Sign
Daughter #3   Born-September        Libra            Air Sign

Note: Daughter number 1 and Daughter #2 were born the same Year

I happen to be daughter number one, yes, the only one born in January.  When I look at my family I see magic.  At least on paper I see magic.  I know when other people look at us they see magic, too.  When people see our names they think wow that is magic.  Our mother's name is Glenda and refers to herself as Glenda the Good Witch.  Yes, we know the Good Witch spells her name with an "I" but really my mom is Glenda The Good Witch.  My mother blessed me with the name Love.  Joy and Faith (Faith's full name Faith Hope) quickly followed me into this world.  So, Glenda The Good gave birth to three daughters named Love, Joy and Faith.  That is a lot to live up to.  People expect so much of you with names like ours. 

We all have one goal, to see the best of each other and to experience that magic together.  The thing is this is harder said than done.  The one goal we have requires us to accomplish many smaller goals.  Add to that the many road blocks of life and the fact that when one of us gets hurt all four of us are hurt  and you begin to understand that the magic that is within tends to elude us.

We have awesome times together but we also have epic fights with each other.  We are each others best cheerleaders so when one of us lose we are all pretty bummed out.  We work together on many projects  and compete with each other on other projects.  I personally feel that when one of us does well my life gets better and if all of us are doing well it feels like the absolute perfect magic.  "Doing well" many times concerns an outward appearance.  Image, money and material things are easy for all too see but I know there is more to it than that.  I also know that my sisters are more than good looking women in a Herve; they are also the women who light up a room when they walk in.

I want see what happens when we become our best.  I want to know the freedom of having a good hair day and being my perfect weight and having my career success all on the same day.  I mean, do any of us have that day really?  I might have a good hair day but my career is in the toilet or my weight is out of control.  Oh and even if I do manage to have an awesome hair/body/career day I am only winning one-fourth of the battle cause I want my sisters and mother to experience that day, too.

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Our mantra: We are the new Camelot. We are the Ladies of the Round Table. We are more powerful than the knights. We are more magical than Merlin and Morgan le Faye.  

These are a few of our appearances on TV, including our preparation for Christmas and one of our many Derby Parties. Special Thanks to WHAS Great Day Live with Rachel Platt and Terry Meiners, Wave Country with Dawn Gee (anchor Julian Glover), and WDRB Morning with Kieth Kaiser and of Course much love to Adam Richmond.

There is always a party with Love Joy & Faith