Tuesday, December 17, 2013

For My Husband

Bryan I am not angry with you. I am your wife. I will always be your wife. You will always be my husband. I wish I could celebrate the best of us. I wish while we were on the same plane you could have seen the best of me. If I live past this moment I promise you, you will see my best. I promise you that you will see how great my love for you is. You are the man I loved to show off. I will show you that I can be a great wife. Build our world on the next plane. Make it bright and wonderful. Be there to receive all four of us. We will be new and you must show us how much fun the next life is. I give you permission to see everything in my heart, soul and body and mind. There are no locks. See it all. Know it all. I give you permission to speak to me whenever you want. I give you permission to show yourself to me whenever you want. I give you permission to move forward whenever you want. Go into the light and make a home for us. You were always a great man now become an even greater being. Let no one hold you back. Let no thoughts hold you back. Let no regrets hold you back. I am your wife! I love you now and always!

I sent this to him this Sunday at 7:53 PM.  I post it now in hopes that if he could not feel my words then that maybe others reading it will help him feel it.  I am...I just am. (Please note "if I live past this moment" only means I know I am not guaranteed any moment past the breath I have now.) Bryan passed away on the 13th Friday of this month of December in the of year 2013. 

My love, Bryan Scichilone.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Party Kickoff-"Sister to Sister" (Getting In The Christmas Spirit)

White and Red Queen
Aunt Crystal wears the white hat.  Mom wears the Red.
The White and Red Queen

Our Aunt (Mom's sister) always throws a party the first Saturday of December titled "Sister to Sister.”  It is her way of celebrating her relationship with her sisters and other women.  It is her official Christmas kickoff party.  She never cancels, not during a snow storm, not during an ice storm, and not during a tornado.  It has become a tradition.  This year was no different.  We had a winter storm that Friday, and yet we were all there and ready to party.

Now, many of my Aunt's friends are older than her.  In fact, some of the women are at least 20 years older, so the party is kind of a strange and wonderful mix of women.  The point of the party is to have fun and, oddly enough, everyone does.  Now, at every party there is food, but this party is a little different.  My Aunt, who makes wonderful food, keeps it simple and tasty for this party.  We all eat well, but the main course is experiencing a day together.  It is a moment in time that makes you feel good about yourself and, frankly, privileged to be a woman.  Trust me, the guys have their own party that day, but I doubt it was as lively.

My Aunt's "Sister to Sister" party allows everyone of us to be little girls and grown women at the same time.  We play games.  We sing songs (Twelve Days Of Christmas every year), and we dance. Yes, we have a grand old time.  My Aunt may not know how much everyone appreciates her party, but we do! I admit sometimes I have a little panic attack before going.  I am not always feeling very social or in the Christmas spirit, but by the end of the night I am always glad that I came.  Plus where else am I going to see an 80 year old woman drop it like its hot!!! My Aunt's friends may be older than her, but they sure can party! 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Black Friday On Thanksgiving Thursday! Is Thanksgiving Still Thanksgiving Or Just Christmas Pre-Game?

I must admit.  I don't know a lot about Black Friday.  I do participate, but if Black Friday is a war, I am a foot soldier.  I follow orders.  I do what I am told.  Faith (and Aunt Crystal if we are in the same city) makes all the decisions.  Faith scouts out all the deals.  She decides what will be bought online and which store is a must to wait in line for the doors to open.  She maps things out for us, and her strategy is pretty flawless.  Faith is our General.  If I am not celebrating Thanksgiving with the rest of the family, she calls me and has me scout out the stores where I am.  This is a very serious time for us.  Seriously fun!  So much fun that I am torn on how to spend my Thanksgiving.

Now, normally we would have Thanksgiving dinner, relax, maybe meet up with relatives (or not) and begin putting up Christmas decorations (which takes days).  At some point during the night Faith decides if the Black Friday deals are worth standing in line for and if the weather is going to be a major problem.  By midnight she decides if we should just go to bed and hit the stores late, or take a nap and get in line at 3am, or just skip sleep altogether.  If it is skip sleep altogether, it might be because we need to shop online first and then get in line at the stores, or maybe a store is open at midnight.  I don't understand how it all works; I just follow orders.

This year is different.  This year stores will be open during Thanksgiving Day or at least by midnight on Black Friday.  I keep wondering how this will change Thanksgiving.  Does this mean the end of lines and the fear of being trampled when the store doors finally open? Does this mean the end of being outside in the cold for five hours just to get that new Xbox One or PS4 (PS4 vs Xbox One)? Does it mean the end of many old Thanksgiving traditions? Does it mean the end of many Black Friday traditions? Will we shop till we drop from Thanksgiving Day until end of Small Business Saturday? Are restaurants going to be open? Is Thanksgiving still the main event in November, or is it Christmas shopping? Is Black Friday still Black Friday if the stores never close? Is a deal still a deal, or should I buy what I really want December 26th? Are we having Thanksgiving, or are we having a Christmas Pre-Game?

PS Faith just informed me that Dec.4 may be the best day to shop. Black Friday is the busiest, but what's the best day to holiday shop?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Lose 5 pounds In One Day The Worst Way Possible! Warning Dietary Supplement (Beta-Alanine) Pre-Workout Supplement Has Side Effects (Hint:Runny Side Effects)

Okay, this is a cautionary tale of taking a free sample because it's there.  Earlier this week Faith and I decided to get our butts in gear and start being productive human beings.  Our work is just piling up because we have many different projects going on at once.  We are intending to diet, but we really have not become serious about dieting yet.  In fact Faith is not on a diet at all which makes what happened to her extremely awful and funny and terrible and funny again.  This is my account.

We'd been working for a while but on different projects and in different areas of the house.  I knew that Faith was going to be stuck working on the Vela's Villa website all day, but I also knew she had other stuff on her list as well.  I too had a list of things that had to be completed, and I must admit we were both successfully ticking things off our list, but we were both afraid we might lose some steam if we kept working the way we were.  Earlier that afternoon Faith reminded me that we had these energy drink-dietary supplement samples.  She asked me if I wanted to share a packet.  I assumed she thought that if we split it we would get less caffeine.  I assumed she thought of killing two birds with one stone by getting the energy to work and maybe burning a few extra calories.  To be clear she was not on a diet.  I, on the other hand, was attempting to fast that day.  I was feeling pretty good and could not risk anything going wrong.  So, I told her I wasn't going to try it.  I had a very bad feeling.

A few hours pass.  Faith forgot to take it.  She is getting things done, and then somehow the idea must have popped into her head again.  Again she asks me if I want to split the sample.  Now let me inform you I rarely, if ever, turn down a chance to experiment with a new diet supplement.  I am usually the first in line.  If it will help you lose weight, I will take it! So, imagine Faith's surprise when I said, "No, I don't want to."  There was a little voice inside my head that said if I drink this stuff I will REGRET it.  Maybe it was the packaging that warned me.  Maybe it was because I really didn't want to ruin my fast.  Little did I know my fast was about to get destroyed because at some point Faith took what she thought was a half portion of that sample.

Our family in general has a problem with side effects, and if there is a side effect it will manifest in Faith's body with a quickness.  I was taking a break in Joy's suite because my area is being worked on and Joy's suite is right across from Faith's.  Faith calls out to me and ask me if I had any Benadryl.  She is attempting to be calm.  She is trying not to scream.  She is trying not to scratch.  She is telling me as calmly as she can that she is having a reaction to that sample (Optimum Nutrition Platinum PRE- Pre-Workout Fruit Punch) she took.  Her body movement says volumes.  She is acting like her hands, arms and head are on fire.  We look throughout the house. I always buy Benadryl but this time there is not one pill in the house.  I had taken them all up to our place in the mountains.  I give her the topical version instead in hopes that it would help her hands; it doesn't.  Later that night we would learn that Benadryl would not have worked to stop this reaction anyway.

Faith kept saying her blood was making her itch uncontrollably.  The more upset she got, the faster her blood would move and the worse the itching-tingle would become.  She had to stop working and be calm.  She began to do research on this diet supplement and if there was a way to reverse the effects (Thread On Beta Alanine Experience).  Not only did she learn she would have to ride it out, but also she learned that there was another side effect, an "awful terrible" one.  She thanked god that she was being spared this particular one, but was she really being sparred?

We decide to give up on work (because Faith really needed to stay as calm as possible) and watch some episodes of a Korean drama Full House Take 2.  I, at this point, was still fasting.  Hamburgers were being made, good ones.  I was still refusing to eat.  Then Faith got the "terrible awful" side effect.  One minute she was sitting on the couch, the next she was running to her private bathroom with fear she would not make it up the stairs.  Our mother screamed, "Just use the bathroom downstairs," but we all thank God she didn't.  That is when Bryan decided that Faith would need to have some extra treats and left the house to get her potato chips and soda.  Faith was becoming dehydrated fast.  At this point I said "F it," and we all settled in for a long night.  The hamburgers were awesome.  Watching Faith run back and forth was hilarious!  She drank a two liter of ginger ale all to herself!  It was a long hard night.  By the end it hurt for her legs to stand.  By morning she had lost 5 pounds and she had gained the knowledge that she would never ever take anything with Beta-Alanine again! I am just happy I avoided a world of pain.  Seriously, I wish I had taped it.  It would be so funny to watch now!  As for me, I didn't gain or lose weight that night.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween: You Are What You Eat

Halloween is a time to be creative, play hard and be a

little vulnerable. 
Our parents were married on Halloween, but Joy, Faith 
and I didn't know that until after their divorce.  
For our mom Halloween was a great time to celebrate with family and friends and to allow us, her children, to be anything we wanted.
This year we embarked on a new business 
so we had to scale back, but I couldn't stop myself from having a little scary, creepy fun.   
This idea came from my love of fantasy, science-fiction and horror.
PS In order to see the actual brain you must play the video which 
is listed last in this blog.

You are what you eat. 
The Ladies of the Round Table hope to make an evolutionary leap. 
The Aliens in the neighboring galaxy of Canis Major Dwarf are 100 times more intelligent than humans.  They are able to use telepathy and can teleport themselves to anywhere in the galaxy.  We have decided to supplement our diet with these aliens to improve our own brains’ abilities.

SciFi, Gore, Evolution, Diet, Holiday
Alien Head With Brain

Halloween, Inventive Halloween Menu, Creepy, Gore, Horror, Meatloaf
Alien Head With Korean BBQ Sauce

Fried Green Tomatoes
Alien Toes

BBQ Ribs,  Kentucky Burbon BBQ Sauce and Korean BBQ Sauce
Alien Ribs With A Kentucky-Korean BBQ


Alien From Head to Toe
Alien’s Whole Head With Brain
With Sautéed Alien Toes

 Alien Flame Broiled Ribs  
Alien Flame Broiled Ribs
in Korean BBQ Sauce

Friday, October 25, 2013

Ren vs. Wen: They Are Nothing Alike

Wen vs Ren; Wen vs Balding; Co-Washing vs Clarifying Shampoo 
I added this Jan 8, 2017

It is easy to mistake RenPure (Ren) for Wen.  Their packaging and labels are very similar.  They are also both called cleansing conditioners, but this is where the similarities end.  Ren is a cheaper product than Wen, but Wen is a far superior product.  Everyone in my family agrees Ren is not a suitable substitution to Wen.  Wen detangles my hair, making it easy to get a comb through my natural hair.  My hair feels silky and soft to the touch with Wen, and I can also leave the product in my hair as a styling product.  Ren, on the other hand, leaves my hair extremely tangled, hard and waxy to the touch and suds up like a protein treatment.  You are not supposed to leave protein treatments in your hair  because it can make your hair hard and dry.  Hmmm, that is oddly similar to how Ren makes my hair feel.  If you used Ren before ever trying Wen thinking that they should be the same, I am telling you now they are not.  Please do not judge Wen by how your hair reacts to Ren; they are different, and to me Wen is worth the price.  I like touching my hair with Wen, but Ren made me hate the feel of my hair.  It was depressing.  I realized that some people out there might think the two products are the same, and I just want you to know that they are not!

If you can't afford Wen, then co-wash but don't use Ren.  I received some extremely good results co-washing with the list of conditioners below, but Ren was one of the worst results I have ever had.  I know some of you are thinking well her hair is kinky-curly I don't have that problem.  Let me tell you even the straight-haired man in my family hated Ren and loves Wen. My mother has wavy hair; she went off about her results with Ren.  I prefer Wen to co-washing because my hair results in no tangles, but when I can't get Wen--and there are times when I can't--I co-wash with conditioners because using Ren is not a good substitute.  If money is an issue, co-wash with these products they work, and many times I leave them in my hair to make my curls pop:

Kiss My Face        Herbal Essence         Aussie Moist    Organix Coconut Milk   Sauve Naturals

I am planning on doing a vblog to show you the differences between Ren and Wen.  I cannot repeat enough that Ren is not worth the money.  Maybe those who have never used Wen would think Ren is okay, but that is only because they have not experienced their hair on Wen.

Note: I have since found Herbal Essences Naked Cleansing Conditioner to be a great alternative to Wen.  Read more by clicking the link above.   P.S.  You can find out more about hair products and DIY hair products by clicking on the Hair Page.  This note added June 7, 2015.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Beauty By The Moon (Diet, Weight Loss And Long Hair)

Trim Hair during the waxing moon for longer faster growing hair
Moon Oct. 17 2013

Okay, I am very bored with trying to make myself look the way I want in my dreams.  I am frankly burned out when it comes to diets and my hair can never grow fast enough to satisfy me. Right now the only thing that can excite me is fashion, but all my money is tied up, so I am not all that excited.  Unfortunately it seems the rest of the Ladies Of The Round Table are burned out on everything to do with self improvement, too.  In other words none of use can stay on a diet, and none of us seem to care!

This started me thinking, "Is there something wrong in the Universe?" Why can't I do what needs to be done? Why can't anyone in my family stay on a diet? I have been looking at adjusting my schedule to coincide with the moon.  I was explaining to Faith my little experiment when she asked me if I had ever tried to use the moon to plan my diet.  I had not.  Wow, I was using the waning and waxing of the moon to plan all sorts of things but not my diet.  Now I have heard of using the waxing and waning of the moon to grow your hair longer and loss weight, but I have never actually tried it.  This may be the something I needed.  Maybe I can breathe new life into my image goals.  Timing my diet to the waning and waxing of the moon might be fun.  So I looked up how to use the moon to make my hair longer and my waist smaller.

I looked at many sites and books.  I found Farmer's Almanac extremely helpful.  They have a Best Days Calendar that makes planning beauty ideas easy.  Apparently, starting a diet during a waxing moon is harder on your willpower.   Cutting your hair during a waning moon is a very bad idea if you want long hair.  Oh, and the best time to start a diet is the night of the Full Moon.  The full Moon this month is tomorrow, October 18, 2013 (also lunar eclipse).  Yes, tomorrow I will start my diet.  I will see if starting my dieting during the full Moon really makes things easier.  It won't be just me starting my diet by myself, I hope.  Mom and my sisters are supposed to start their diets tomorrow.  All of us will be doing The 4-Hour Body (Faith and I both read and love this book) and Pat Brown System (a friend recently told us to check this out).  In addition I am doing the the Fast Diet for a little extra kick; I really liked the book and I know that the 5:2 schedule will work well for me.  So, tomorrow we diet, but today we feast.  Joy and Faith made a huge brunch.  It was amazing.  Later tonight I will have Korean noodles and bourbon.

Tomorrow we diet.  Today I have no motivation to diet but maybe tomorrow will be different.  We have to diet.  We must diet.  Our goals are clear.  Diet to look even better than we did here:

Mom (Glenda)

Love (me)

Boots: YSL
Faith at Perfect.
My goal is to drop weight and grow longer hair using the help of the moon.  Heck, when you get bored with dieting you have to change it up.  If you need a new formula to help improve your image, start looking at things you haven't tried.  At the very least it will add a little excitement to your beauty routine.  As for now when the moon is waning I am going to give my hair oil treatments and deep conditioning.  Today I am going to feast, drink and be merry.  Oh, here is the brunch that Joy and Faith made for today's last hoorah.  Food porn anyone? Cheese Grits, Maple Bacon, Eggs, Cut Potatoes (home fries), Buttermilk Pancakes

Food Porn, Brunch, Breakfast Food Porn, Brunch, Breakfast

Weisenberger Flour Mill Buttermilk Pancakes
Buttermilk Pancakes
Weisenberger Flour Mill a Kentucky Proud product

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Birthday Birthday And Again Birthday

Best Mac and Cheese Comfort Food
Mac and Cheese with Aged Cheddar, Colby and Velveeta

Best Sandwich
Okay, September is now over.  September, the beautiful month when summer ends and fall begins.  That month where all schools are officially open and doing business.  Yes, many schools start in August, but all American schools are open by September.  For me, September is beauty, the Autumn Equinox, and birthdays--lots of high maintenance birthdays.  It can be stressful, painful and there is also a 90% chance of weight gain.  My mom is a Virgo and kicks of the festivities.  Joy and Faith are both Libras, born at the end of the month and within 4 days of each other.  Yep, in less than a four day period I must celebrate Joy and Faith's birthdays.  Oh, did I happen to mention my sisters demand a birthday WEEK! They don't get a day; they get a whole week.  Soooo, technically I am still celebrating Joy's Birthday.  FYI Faith is making Korean food, and oh, it is Oct. 2.  Ten days from now I will be celebrating Bryan's birthday.  I am writing while drinking and listening to bluegrass music.  Joy loves bluegrass music.

This year was harder than most to celebrate the birth of my mother and two sisters.  Problem #1 Mom and Faith were spending most their time in Harlan, KY trying to prep mom's property there.  I missed mom's birthday because I stayed behind in Louisville, but I made sure to celebrate Mom's birthday two days later driving down to Harlan with Joy and Bryan.

For Mom's birthday, I thought I would keep the food simple.  I even ordered the Blackout Cake from The Cheesecake Factory.  I had to get that cake.  (Note:  Mom was mad at me when I destroyed what was leftover from my birthday cake (Blackout Cake) from earlier this year.  I am a Capricorn, so it was the very beginning of the year and we were supposed to diet right after my birthday celebrations.  Mom was pissed.  It was like that scene when Roger from American Dad gets Francine and Hayley (mother and daughter ) to fight, with the cake being Roger!  I had cake in my ear.  I am not joking--major Food fight!)  The rest of the food I made myself.  Sunny side up egg, Genoa Salami, and I made a rice and beans with goat cheese and peppers and tomatoes.  The tomatoes and peppers were from Faith's Garden.

Rice and Beans
Cannellini Beans, Sushi Rice, Goat Cheese,
Peppers and Tomatoes
Best Sandwich
Sunny Side up egg,  Genoa Salami, Hawaiian Bread
with havarti cheese

Best Sandwich
Same as above with egg on the side.

Chocolate Cake, Cheese Cake Factory
Blackout Cake
Cheesecake Factory 
For Faith's Birthday Joy and I drove to Harlan.  Bryan stayed home.  I made Faith's birthday dinner in Louisville and transported it to Harlan.  Faith loves comfort food, and oddly both Joy and Faith love Brussel sprouts and, of course, mom hates them, but it is Faith's birthday so sprouts it is.  I made a beef stew Bugs Bunny style.
Bugs Bunny

Mac and Cheese, I was told this was the best we ever had and it was.
Best Mac and Cheese Comfort Food
Mac and Cheese with Aged Cheddar, Colby and Velveeta

Brussel Sprouts
Best Brussel Sprouts
Brussel Sprouts, thick cut bacon, honey and hot peppers
from Faith's Garden

Birthday Cake
Carrot Cake Cheesecake Factory

So, now Faith is cooking.  We celebrated Joy's birthday on her birthday, but no one cooked so Faith is now throwing a slumber/birthday party for herself and Joy.  It is the first week Faith has been home since the middle of August.  So, she is making everyone her Korean food.  Yes!  I am waiting now.  I think I am no longer tipsy.  I will take a picture of the complete spread.  Oh, and Joy made potato salad.  Joy was also Faith's sous chef.   Okay, so all that will follow is a bunch of pics.  I hope I have provided you with enough food porn. 

OMG we are watching Parker with Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez and they base part of the story in Covington, KY and Louisville's Churchill Downs.  Who knew?  Well here are our dinner pics from today.
Korean Sides

Korean Food, Eggs

Korean BBQ
Korean BBQ


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Quest For A Good Hair Day

One Family Four Different Types of Hair

When I was a little girl, my hair was constantly compared to the hair of other women in my family, and to hear other people talk I was born with the least desirable grade of hair.  Back story: My grandmother was born with straight hair; not even a wave graced her hair.  This made my grandmother and her sisters' lives easier than the lives of other women with varying grades of hair.

My grandmother and her sisters pin-curled their straight hair and went about their days, three sisters with beautiful and easy to work with hair.  My Grandmother's daughters would not be so lucky.  They were born with mixed grades of hair.  My mother had the easiest hair to deal with because it was mostly wavy.  Noticed I said mostly.  My mother was born with three grades of hair.  She has mainly waves, but she has also large curls mixed with extremely kinky, frizzy hair.  My mother's hair can look wavy and curly, but it takes a little more care and a lot of moisture.  Still, my mother's hair is a breeze compared to mine. Her hair uses very little product.  My mother's hair just needs a little love, but because it doesn't take that much effort she really doesn't do anything.  Let me say this: neglecting your hair can destroy even the best hair.
Straight Hair, Wavy Hair
My Grandmother and Mother May 5, 2013

My sisters and I have curly-kinky hair.  Faith has the perfect spirals when her hair is well cared for, but she also has 3 different grades of hair.  Joy is lucky; her hair is very strong and she has only one curl pattern.  Her curls are small but perfect.  I, like my mother and my younger sister, Faith, happen to have 3 different grades of hair, but that is the only thing that is similar. I have a lot of hair, and every strand is very thin.  Even when I take great care with my hair it can snap easily. 

Fashion Divas
My sister's Joy and Faith.

The Solutions

Okay, so this blog is about making sure that my family and I become the best we can be.  Hair is one of those image things that matter.  It is easy to point out what is going wrong with your hair but hard to find solutions.  I don't know what solutions will work for you, but I can tell you there are a ton of vlogs (video blogs) that you can use to find what is best for you.  Best advice I can offer is for you to watch videos on how to use all products.  I know you think you know how to use conditioner and gel and hair oil, but really you may not be "doing it" right.  Doing your hair is like having sex.  Yes, you can have sex by having basic intercourse, but I can tell you awesome sex comes only with knowledge and passion.  In other words great hair and great sex may require a video or two.  

The following is a list of products I found work for me and the rest of my tribe.  My choices I tried off and on for years, but my results were mixed because I never really watched a video on the best way to apply theses products.  Now, the way I apply my products are unique to me, but other people's suggestions helped me develop my own technique.  

Note: This list is really just to help me.  We tend to get overwhelmed by which hair products to use for our natural hair (curly hair, kinky hair and wavy hair) and I want to remember what has worked for me and my family.  Below I have listed what hair products work for each of us.  These hair products are good for 2b/2c hair types, 3a/3b/3c hair types and yes all the 4 hair types too.  So we are four different women with four different types of hair and we each have our own list of natural hair products.  You may have your own hair products but this is what works for us.

My Hair Solutions 
Favorite Product Kinky Curly and Wen
Natural Hair 3B, 3C, and 4A mix
My Hair is a mix of 3b, 3c and 4a
Okay, this pic is not my worst hair day and it is not my best hair day.  There is no real curl definition, but the shrinkage is being managed, so... it is not a bad hair day.  I would show you a bad hair day, but my family will kill me.  I would show you a good hair day, but good hair days have not accompanied good body days.  Plus my curls have yet to read well in a photo.  Healthy hair, strong hair, is good hair.  My hair requires a lot of moisture.  Guess what? Oil is not moisture.  Oil is a way to seal moisture, but it does not give your hair moisture and can seal out moisture if it is add first.  I never shampoo my hair.  I co-wash or use Wen or Rinse with apple cider vinegar.   Okay, time for my list of products.

Feb 12 2017 note: There is a lot of controversy about WEN.  At the bottom of this page I include a video addressing it.  I still stand by co-washing and the WEN product and I am not paid by WEN at all.

Wen Six Thirteen 
It is my cleanser, my hair conditioner, my leave in all in one.  I get the 32 oz from QVC.

Kinky-Curly Knot Today
This is my leave in and styling product.  If I need to look good and care free this is my product.

Kinky-Curly Curling Custard

I must look good.  I must be perfect. I wash with the Wen, leave-in Knot Today and lock in my curl with the Curling Custard.

I seal my hair with vitamin E oil or almond/coconut/olive oil or Aloe gel from Trader Joe's.  I dry my hair with a T-shirt.  I hate twist outs on my hair but may change my opinion when my hair gets longer.

My Baby Sister Faith's Solution
Natural Hair, Beautiful Curls, Long Hair, Hair Inspiration, Spiral Curls
Natural/Curly Hair 3A, 3B, and 3C
Her Hair is a mix of 3A 3B and 3C

Faith uses the exact same Wen I use Six Thirteen 

Rituals It's A Wrap
Faith loves the product.  Wishes she could use it everyday. 

ELLiN Lavar PenetratingBalm

This is Faith's perfect finisher but it is always out of stock.  So...we need to test some other balms. But the two above products give her the look she wants.

My Mother's Solution
Loves Wen
Natural/Curly/Wavy Hair 2A, 2B, and 3B mix
Mom has 2A 2B 3B

It is hard to get a good hair and body pic cause my mom doesn't do anything to her hair.  When she does her hair for pictures many times she has a roller set or blow out.  This pic is one of the few with her hair down and curly.

Mom can use any Wen original or Six Thirteen.  She uses Sweet Almond Mint because it is slightly cheaper than the Six Thirteen and does exactly what she needs.  For styling mom is a Carol's Daughter girl.  It is the first styling product she really loves.

Carols Daughter Hair Milk Original Leave-in Moisturizer 
She loves this and needs very little to get results.  When she uses it she looks perfect.

Carols Daughter Hair Milk Pudding Style
This allows mom to get through the day with a finished look.  Her products last longer than most women with natural hair because her hair responds quickly to this product so she uses less of it.  It is exactly what her hair needs.

Joy is the Middle Sister
Joy's hair Favorites Wen and Aveda
Born with perfect 3C Hair
She has 3C only and her hair is strong

Joy can do anything to her hair and does.  WEN keeps her hair in good condition.
She also uses Aveda.  Joy's hair can take just about anything, so she plays with it a lot and rarely suffers consequences.  The truth is I am not confidant that Joy is a 3C because her hair is super hair and completely bulletproof.

Family Event

At a family event last Saturday I realized more than 60% of the family has gone natural.  We compared notes and there was one product that stuck out, Kiss My Face.  Now I love Kiss My Face body wash but I have never tried their product in my hair.  I must give it a try.


I feel that we all would have better hair days if we could remember and focus on what works.  I know that my follow through could and should be improved in all areas of my life.  If I can make my hair life easier I might have an easier time at other things.  Image, talent, health and wealth are not easy to come by, but like momma always says,"How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time." Hair is image and my first bite.

Wen vs Ren; Wen vs Balding; Co-Washing vs Clarifying Shampoo 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Introductions: The Magic That Is

Mother Daughter Team
Mother Daughter Team

My Royal Family 4 Don't Ask Permission

There are of course four of us, one mother and three daughters.  Two are earth signs and two are air.  Two are born in the same year and three are born in the same month. All three daughters are cardinal signs (born leaders).  Maybe it would be easier to explain if I gave the stats:

Mother           Born- September       Virgo          Earth Sign

Daughter #1   Born- January           Capricorn    Earth Sign

Daughter #2   Born-September        Libra            Air Sign
Daughter #3   Born-September        Libra            Air Sign

Note: Daughter number 1 and Daughter #2 were born the same Year

I happen to be daughter number one, yes, the only one born in January.  When I look at my family I see magic.  At least on paper I see magic.  I know when other people look at us they see magic, too.  When people see our names they think wow that is magic.  Our mother's name is Glenda and refers to herself as Glenda the Good Witch.  Yes, we know the Good Witch spells her name with an "I" but really my mom is Glenda The Good Witch.  My mother blessed me with the name Love.  Joy and Faith (Faith's full name Faith Hope) quickly followed me into this world.  So, Glenda The Good gave birth to three daughters named Love, Joy and Faith.  That is a lot to live up to.  People expect so much of you with names like ours. 

We all have one goal, to see the best of each other and to experience that magic together.  The thing is this is harder said than done.  The one goal we have requires us to accomplish many smaller goals.  Add to that the many road blocks of life and the fact that when one of us gets hurt all four of us are hurt  and you begin to understand that the magic that is within tends to elude us.

We have awesome times together but we also have epic fights with each other.  We are each others best cheerleaders so when one of us lose we are all pretty bummed out.  We work together on many projects  and compete with each other on other projects.  I personally feel that when one of us does well my life gets better and if all of us are doing well it feels like the absolute perfect magic.  "Doing well" many times concerns an outward appearance.  Image, money and material things are easy for all too see but I know there is more to it than that.  I also know that my sisters are more than good looking women in a Herve; they are also the women who light up a room when they walk in.

I want see what happens when we become our best.  I want to know the freedom of having a good hair day and being my perfect weight and having my career success all on the same day.  I mean, do any of us have that day really?  I might have a good hair day but my career is in the toilet or my weight is out of control.  Oh and even if I do manage to have an awesome hair/body/career day I am only winning one-fourth of the battle cause I want my sisters and mother to experience that day, too.

Facebook Page

Our mantra: We are the new Camelot. We are the Ladies of the Round Table. We are more powerful than the knights. We are more magical than Merlin and Morgan le Faye.  

These are a few of our appearances on TV, including our preparation for Christmas and one of our many Derby Parties. Special Thanks to WHAS Great Day Live with Rachel Platt and Terry Meiners, Wave Country with Dawn Gee (anchor Julian Glover), and WDRB Morning with Kieth Kaiser and of Course much love to Adam Richmond.

There is always a party with Love Joy & Faith