Bryan Santo Scichilone Our Knight In Shining Armor

The objective of this page is to celebrate our Knight in Shining Armor Bryan Santo Scichilone.    We will make his legend known to all.  We owe him so much.  He brought so much happiness and magic into our lives.  As his wife, I, Love will do whatever it takes to help him on the spiritual plane.  I want the world to fall in love with the beautiful man I fell in love with.  He as a spiritual being will be able to feel how much this world loves him.  I will write more later.  - Love Yascone Dec. 30, 2013

PS.  I will keep these pages open for all who want to talk to him Bryan Santo Scichilone at Ratterman's and Bryan Santo Scichilone guest book.

Bryan Santo Scichilone


Dec.4, 2013 Reading

Dec.4, 2013 Reading

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