Friday, November 27, 2015

My Jedi Mind Trick Diet Part II: Holiday Diet Or Food Fest? Thanksgiving, Christmas And New Years

It is Black Friday many of you have Thanksgiving leftovers you are still eating your way through.  I decided to go my own path and my own way.  I am making up my own rules and this will be the first Thanksgiving I actually lost weight and I mean a lot of weight.  I did not have a Thanksgiving meal yesterday and I loved it.  I am finding my own Jedi way.  To get the back story checkout my blog My Jedi Mind Trick Diet.

I was not sad to miss out on some of my Thanksgiving favorites.  In fact I ate some of my favorites the week before Thanksgiving.  I just feel Thanksgiving never occurs at a good diet moment in my life.  I always end up not happy with having my big meal on the last Thursday of November.  Let's face it we all want to look good during the Holidays and yet Thanksgiving almost guarantees you will spend the Holidays looking less than your dream holiday self.  I would always lament the loss of the last weekend in November.  I would always wish I could have my best food at the beginning of November because it was directly after Halloween and it would allow me to eat whatever I want and go on a diet later.  If Thanksgiving were the day after Halloween I would have most of November to diet/recover.  Unfortunately that's not the way things are.  This year I lost weight on Thanksgiving.  This year I will be my own Jedi.

I am posting video blogs on this page about my inner Jedi, my desire to become my better self and to be truly happy during the holiday season.

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

NoMo, Executive Chef Salaam And Our Most Magical Food Moment In New York

Pic by Joy Yascone

Glenda Yascone (Mom) with Executive Chef Salaam
It was a Tuesday, early afternoon and we were at risk of having a very crappy food day.  Monday we had a "meeting" that lasted about 7 hours.  We worked hard Monday and we were in the midst of deciding if yesterday's meeting would continue today (Tuesday) or if we would be lucky enough to have the day off.  I was in the camp of we aren't going to have to meet today and obviously Faith was too because she found NoMo.  The problem was Joy wasn't sure and she wanted to be ready to do business.  She made things difficult a little.  Mom of course was a total diplomat.  We decided to go eat lunch.  Joy of course was like no we won't be ready.  I was like we wasted 20 minutes arguing already.  We were only going for lunch.  That's what we thought, that's what we intended.  That's not what happened.  We did have lunch, but we also had dinner and then went out to drinks with the Executive Chef Salaam; oh and we had dinner at NOMO Wednesday, too.

We walked into this beautiful hotel that houses the beautiful restaurant NOMO and we felt like we were home.  We were greeted by one of the most beautiful, cheerful and inviting staff we ever meet in New York.  We were what we as a family would consider underdressed for our beautiful surroundings.  I personally braced myself for a snob routine but that didn't happen.  This was New York and it was beautiful people New York but they treated us as if we were the Royal Family returning home.  We ordered drinks right away.  At some point we found out we would not be "meeting" today so we relaxed.   Now we were sad.  This was clearly a place we should be having dinner and technically our meeting now setup for tomorrow should occur here, too.  Joy decided to make sure our meeting would end at NOMO and Joy always gets what she wants.  While Joy was sending pics of the place to production the rest of us were trying to plan the night.  We all decided we would split 2 NoMo Wagyu Burgers.  (The burgers were perfect and tasted perfect.  The ketchup for the fries were made in house.  We would come to find out all sauces at NoMo are made in house!)  We noticed this beautiful man in an executive chef jacket.  He was talking to an equally beautiful woman who turned out to be the Marketing Manager.  Faith excused herself to go to the ladies room (apparently she spoke to him on her way out) and while she was gone Chef Salaam made his way to our table.

We all talked as if we had known each other for years.  We had arranged to have dinner with NoMo at 8:30 (we ended up pushing it back to 9:00pm).  We also arranged to meet there again on Wednesday with a producer we knew Chef Salaam should meet.  When we left the restaurant after lunch we were excited.  We began the day at a chain fake French place for breakfast (we did not eat of course) and happened upon the best food day of our lives, but I get ahead of myself.  We spent the rest of the day getting ready for Wednesday's meeting.  This entailed conference calls, bargaining, begging and shopping.  By 8:00 pm we still had not dressed for dinner.  Four women in a loft apartment in SoHo with their dog who has to be walked first and sharing one bathroom! No way in hell we were going to make it there by 8:30.  We almost didn't make it at the rescheduled time of 9:00 pm but I at the last minute went off and walked my ass over there to arrive promptly at 8:59 pm.  Surprisingly they were only 4 minutes behind me.  We knew Chef Salaam wanted us to go with him to The Ship for after dinner drinks and that place is so amazing.  If you want to know a city you have to know the chefs because they know everything!

Okay so we are all at the table.  Each of us have wonderful drinks.  We know from this afternoon there are no misses on this menu.  Our server from lunch gave us the rundown of the food and we knew we wanted, no needed to try everything.  It made it near to impossible to decide.  We ordered the chicken lollipop.  Remember the Teriyaki sauce like all sauces are made in house.  It was amazing! At some point Faith realized we would not be able to decide for ourselves what we wanted to eat.  So she decreed that we should try anything the chef decided for us.  Executive Chef Salaam did not disappoint.  It was a beautiful dream filled with beautiful food in beautiful surroundings.  I could spend all day talking about how wonderful the food was and how it was the best food day I have had in many years; but it would take an eternity to describe this day.  The food and the conversations were full of life.  I must let the pictures speak for themselves.  I will only say that none of us asked for more salt or pepper or sauce and that NEVER happens during a meal with us.  Mom or Joy almost always have an issue but here at NoMo we had the most peaceful and perfect time together.  Of course I our meeting went well on Wednesday.  After getting a rocky start and working a few hours at the loft we moved our "meeting" to NoMo and NoMo provided a relaxing end to a long day.

Please note the pics of the food are of a tasting.  Actual full orders are not pictured here.

Chicken lollipop


Mini Tacos

Mini Tacos

Tuna Tartare

Kale Caesar

Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe
I also reordered this on Wednesday
it has a beautiful poached egg in the middle.

This was so amazing with lobster sauce

Wagyu Flatiron Steak
Heaven on a plate

Their version of an ice cream sandwich is so good

Tapioca Pudding
I forgot the name of this dessert but so good

Another Amazing Dessert

The Lobby of NoMo
shot by Joy

Lobby of NoMo Shot By Joy