Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Why Magazines & Bookstores Will Never Be Obsolete

So in the early 2000s a lot of bookstores were closing down.  There were many articles about how print was dead and that everyone would get their info through the web.  Well, bookstores are still around and print is not dead.  Yes, I read magazines online but I also love to go to a bookstore and peruse the magazine stands.  Going to the bookstore is the social nonsocial.  It is a community of people who more often than not chooses not to interact but interaction is also a possibility.  When I look at an article online I miss out on 80% of the things that may interest me.  Online no matter how hard you try, you and your attentions are directed to certain sites.  Yeah, you can try to direct your searches but you are still going to see what google, bing, yahoo and the other search engines want you to see first.  The purest form of looking at magazines is going to the bookstores and looking at the stands.  Yes, they have mainly popular magazines mixed with some locals but the playing field is for the most part equal.  My eyes see their covers and I choose based off of what attracts me.

Last year I decided that I wanted to write reviews for magazines.  Let's face it sometimes we waste time and money on magazines that may not have anything we need.  For example, it is hard to find a good February issue for any magazine.  A great cover doesn't always mean a great issue.  I wanted to be the person to say don't buy this month it is all "clickbait," lol.  I wanted to write these reviews last year...way to procrastinate Love.  In that time I bought a lot of magazines many were disappointing.  Today I decided that now is the time to go to the bookstore and look at all the pretty magazines in print.

What to buy? What to buy?

I decided to go to Barnes & Nobel because it can frankly put me in a good mood, a hopeful mood. While driving to the bookstore I realized it was the end of May and it is "New Magazine Time." (Note: The July issues will be out soon but I am still looking at June.)  So, of course I am going to look at magazines.  Then I decided maybe I should try that magazine review blog I thought about.  I walked into the bookstore and immediately got distracted by all the books that were on sale.  Love, we actually gave ourselves an assignment please put down Rich and Pretty.  While walking to the magazine section I decided test one.

Test 1

Does the magazine make me want to take it back to my table?
Literally it means does the cover interest me? Is it a mag I normally love? Who is on the cover? What is in the issue? But let's face it, test 1 is all about the cover first, and the magazine brand second.  I concentrated on fashion, food, and decorating magazines only.  Okay one real estate mag did make it to the table.  The point is if it didn't make it to the table it didn't speak to me.  It didn't give me a reason to carry it into the café part of Barnes & Nobles.  Yeah, I might have picked up the Magazine but it wasn't worth it to me to walk it back to the table and look at further.  In all, only 10 made it to the table.  I picked up more magazines than that, but either the cover model discouraged me or it just wasn't a good issue.  At least not a good issue at first glance.

Test 2

Does it do anything for me? In other words, is it worth taking home? Is there anything in it that engages me at all.  Does this magazine help inspire me in any way? Or did I glance through this magazine and set it aside in less than 5 min? If a magazine does not give me that, "ooo wow that image" feel, or "ooo la la that article" moment it is not getting more than 4 minutes of my time.  This happened with only two of the magazines I picked and one I would actually buy in a different month but just not this month.  Ummm, wait, I am not being honest I can tell in less than 2 minutes if a magazine is worth buying but you know I am trying to be nice.

Test 3

Do you really need it? Does it really inspire you? Is it just pretty pictures?  Don't get me wrong pretty pictures are a good reason to buy a magazine but NOT WHEN YOUR ON A BUDGET! I need more from my Magazines than pretty pictures.  Especially when some of the magazines cost more than most books! If I had an extra $1,000.00 in my pocket and no bills then yes I would buy these publications.  Otherwise hell no! They aren't giving me anything I really need.  

Test 4

I'll buy it even if I really shouldn't spend the money right now! This is a magazine that has the pretty pictures and the articles that inspire me.  It isn't just a pretty pic of a great food recipe but an article on the Keto Diet.  It isn't just a pretty ad for a designer but a fashion spread that talks about trends I never saw coming.  These magazines inspire me as an actor, a woman, a foodie and a consumer.  They are magazines that I might hesitate to get rid of later.  They are definitely magazines that I want to take my time to read and not just browse while I drink my frappe in the Barnes & Noble Café.  Of the ten magazines I brought back to my table, only 5 were one that I would take home.  There were specific reasons for each!  Out of the five I would say the British Vogue and Where Women Cook June issues were the most important for me.  Vogue's VLIFE really engaged me with its Big Little Deal and Peak Performers article.  So, yes, I would have taken home two June issues of Vogue but like I said the British Vogue was best.  ODDA is expensive but the theme Queen Bee is worth it.  As a woman who is fighting to rule her own destiny I need it.  Of Course W made the list.  It is my favorite but there have been some issues that have let me down in the past.  Ms. Tiffany Haddish is on the cover of W's Dare to Be You June issue.  As women it is time to build ourselves up.  The best magazines are inspiring us to keep moving forward.  They show us doors we never knew existed and let's face it you might miss the best magazines of the month unless you get out to your local bookstore.  We are not virtual people.  We are real and sometimes we want to...no we need to see the real thing to discover something we never knew we needed.  

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Fear and Love; Diet and Food

Love Yascone with Jonathan Goldsmith at Astral Tequila bottle signing
and a Food collage
These are just some of my repeat meals this year

Fear and Love 

Yes, I realize the irony and the play on my name.  I am only going to talk about my fears with dieting and my love of food and how they get in my way.  I am one of those people who refuse to let my dieting affect my feelings for food.  I love food.  Love and fear can’t be together when I have food.  Unfortunately for me, diet and fear go hand in hand.  Over coming my fear of starting a diet means, for however long, I will be spurning some of my food loves.

Fear and Diet

Days before I start a diet I come up with a plan.  Once that plan is made it takes me days before I start.  

Fear #1 Stickler Love: Once I Start I don’t stop.  

This is especially true when I do low carb or the Keto Diet.  Keto is the highest performing diet I have ever done.  It is better than HCG, low carb, Intermittent Fasting Only, Carbohydrate Addict, Beverly Hills Diet, Sadkins and yes, plant based diets. (Why Keto? I don’t lose muscle and I am never hungry.) Keto is the strictest of all the diets.  Mistakes, at least for me, cannot be made.  Therefore when I start a diet I set a goal and/or a date and I can’t break my diet until that goal/date is reached.  It is because of this I usually start with a plant based diet or Intermittent Fasting if I have a lot of events to attend.

Fear #2 Missing Events and Cool Moments

Yes, it always seems I start my diets the day before some celebrity chef has an event, or there is a major bourbon or tequila tasting, or it is the most beautiful pre-summer day in years and it demands tacos or ramen with friends.  (I know I can make low carb versions but I want to be out enjoying someone else's food.) It is because of fear #2 that I ate tacos at El Taco Luchador three times this week.  It is also the reason my diet plan starts plant based and ends Keto.  I will post a video for my summer diet plan.  (Note: I started my period this week so the Tacos may be because of PMS.)

Fear #3 Failure

Part of success is picking the right diet at the right time and having the right frame of mind.  I am going through a lot these days. Literally I was just interrupted to deal with negative energy again.  It is enough to run out the house and have a nice glass of wine while looking at the river.  So depression causes failure.  If I am losing weight this usually doesn’t happen but sometimes I can also feel isolated when I am on a diet, so it depends.  The worst of the worst, is if a negative outside force comes after me.  Like at this moment.  I am innocently writing you and someone negatively impacts me.  Well, I haven’t started my plan yet.  I should just give up today.  Failure hurts me.  I have major events to go to on Friday and Saturday.  Going to these events looking the same way I look today would also make me feel like a failure.  I need to do a video on this, too.  I fear coming up with plans because once I have a plan I need to start it.  If I don’t start that is a failure.  Worse, if I start and quit due to some reason or other, it is a bigger failure.  The absolute worst failure (and this has happened to me) is being a stickler on a diet for two months and not losing an ounce.  I was suffering on a very strict diet missing Hollywood parties while my sisters went out and I did not lose a pound! The failure never left my heart.  It was an event that colors all my dieting fears.  I have an allergy to sugar substitutes including the natural ones.  I can use sugar alcohols (without a migraine) but, my body will not lose any weight.  I won’t gain but I won’t lose either.  It was a horrible lesson and I reconfirmed the lesson when I made my Keto pound cake.  The cake was wonderful and I did not gain weight but I did not lose either.  Other people don’t have this problem but I do.  It is a built in failure😢, but knowing is half the battle.

Once I start my diet for real I am confident.  I know the goal.  My love for certain foods are ignored.  Although I do look at food porn a lot. So what does food do for my life? Let’s explore.

To me, food is art.  Food is the emotion enhancer.  Food is a mood setter.  Food defines the moment, the season, the event and the person.  I happen to be an eclectic individual.  I can be the French woman with the simple frock and a joie de vie.  I can be the Neet who has binged all the episodes of My Hero Academia.  I can also be the woman going club hopping with friends.  I know the clothes I would wear to make each moment picture perfect.  I also know the food I would eat and the alcohol I would drink.  I realized for the longest time I have not been enjoying my summers.  Why? I never took that summer has started let’s have summer food moment.  Yes, I know the saying, “Do we eat to live or live to eat?” To me it is a bullshit phrase to over simplify a great issue.  What is life to YOU? To me life can be art, even the most ugly moments make beautiful pictures.  Food is art and so is the sample size dress I want to fit into.  Do you want to live your life as a function or as art?  Is life a task? Or is life a string of positive and negative emotions telling one kick ass story? I love how food can enhance and change a moment.  

I really want to change the moment I am having now.   But to tell the truth diet food is a moment too.  I have had my fill of food. I also know Saturday and Friday are going to be good days.  What my plant based diet shake says about me is that I am in the challenge of my life and I intend to win. 

(I failed horribly, I never started because I started my period, lol.  The cravings were too strong and I just did not need the added stress.  So I will start after Memorial Day. Yes, I will be posting a video on youtube and you can watch my past exploits there too.)

Fat Bomb Soup 
my Favorite Keto Diet Recipes

(If you want to see more of my food follow me on Instagram and YouTube and Snapchat.)

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Family and Success: UBUNTU "I Am Because We Are"

Love Yascone at the Omni Hotel
She will always hold a place for family

It has been hard for a lot of families this year.  Actually, it feels like family relationships have been challenged for the past few years.  It has been more than a year since I posted on this blog.  I knew since last year what I wanted to say but I could never find a good jumping off point.  Over the last two years I noticed there were so many things I wanted to share with my family.  So many things I have learned, experienced and enjoyed. I wanted to really share with my mother, sisters, grandmother, aunts and all the rest.  I noticed that even when we all attended the same events my family would miss something that to me was a major moment.  I found that when I tried to explain these moments and experiences a lot of times they would fall on deaf ears.  It was then that I realized one of the purposes of this blog.  It was to share with my family.  I wanted to share what I discovered and let’s face it a lot of times we forget the most interesting things we learn.  Still, why is it so important to me?

On Facebook I discovered a way of life that explains my need to share.  I found this pic (I Think on Earth Tribe).  Its teachings are very clear.  Cross the finish line together.

I am one of those people who could have easily crossed the finish line of life alone.  In fact, success can find me easily when I am alone.  The problem is I always felt the way of UBUNTU.  Since the day I was born I knew being the one with all the toys was not true success.  I also knew that getting to the top and reaching back, was for me anyway, not a true victory.  I always saw my life as walking hand in hand with my tribe.  There is no need for a savior if you all go together.  In America UBUNTU is not a way of life.  We are taught the opposite.  Someone with my particular nature here in the USA at best can be viewed as naïve and at worst…crazy.  In fact I did not know that this way of life was a real thing until last week, when I needed to see this the most, UBUNTU. 

I don’t know if I felt this way due to cellular memory or if it is just my spirit nature.  What I do know is that I am not crazy, I am not naïve, but I am a person in a country that does not understand the meaning of UBUNTU.  I need to adjust.  I need to learn how to hold open a space while I move forward.  It is my intention to hold open a space for my tribe so that whenever an individual is ready they can join me.  This blog is just one of those tools.  It is one way to bring my tribe with me.  “I am because WE are.”  For me success is impossible if I forget that.


Friday, January 27, 2017

From W Magazine to Chrissy Teigen to Asking Yourself Those Questions

I love W magazine.  My Aunt Yvonne would send us (Love Joy & Faith) the magazine when we were just 10 years old.  Well, I was 10.  It was our first exposure to high fashion beyond Vogue.  (We loved Vogue too by the way. ) I have been getting back into being me and that includes reading W magazine.  While reading W's article Natural Beauty Chrissy Teigen Loves Contouring I became inspired.  I wanted to know how I would answer these questions.  I wanted to know if I could answer these questions.  Would I like my answers to these questions? Then I wondered how Joy, who is almost my twin (we are the same age for nearly 4 months out of the year) would answer.  Then I asked myself, "How would my answers affect my life?" Would I need or rather want to get rid of somethings? Would I be a little more focused because I discovered/remembered part of myself? The questions are not what you would consider life changing but for me it was.  

Asking Joy the same questions also taught me a few things about myself as well as my sister.  I know Joy remembers me interviewing her but she was very ill at the time.  I was concerned wouldn't have the same impact for her.  Oddly enough I discovered this morning it did but I doubt she realizes it fully yet.  Joy, began to clear away all the bullshit in her head and think about what she wanted.  She has begun to focus on high fashion again and what makes life fun for her.  She said she wasn't going to try to adapt herself to others.  I know, you may think high fashion isn't important, but imagine if it were something else.  We all at some point people please.  We all forget what gets us going.  We all forget what we did that day we felt supper confident.  

My sister and I want to be our best spiritually, physically and emotionally.  This week for some reason Joy and I both are declaring what we want.  The Chrissy Teigen interview made me say hey let's answer this for ourselves.  We start with Joy's "interview" first.  I don't want our answers side by side.  Yes, it is okay to notice our difference but for me this is not about comparison.  For me, this is just an opportunity to share what works for us.  It is also an opportunity to remember we know what works for us; because the last few years it has been too easy to forget.

Joy Yascone

Your look in three words: 
Joy: bohemian. Cultured. Town-N-Country

Five-minute routine: 
Joy: tinted moisturizer, bronzer, lip gloss, blush peach, peachy nude lipstick, sea salt spray (hair), curl definer

Never leave the house without: 
Joy: Lip Gloss

Beauty from the inside out: 
Joy: Energy of love

Exercise regime:
Joy: Urban walks five to ten miles

Cleanse or not: 
Joy: Yes I cleanse, probiotic heavy (kevita, yogurt), berries, hot water and lemon juice (Inate response )

Beauty essentials:
Joy: lip gloss, lip liner, lipstick, deep conditioner 

Skincare secret: 
Joy: No smoking, No drugs

Hair remedy: Tracey Cunningham is my hair remedy.
Joy: Biolage deep conditioner

In-tub must-read: 
Joy: astrology charts

Spa-cation at: 
Joy: Kholer in Wisconsin 

Fragrance of choice: 
Joy: Mariel by H20 or anything that smells of the sea

Best advice from mom: 
Joy: be true to you

Best advice from the pros: 
Joy: not about what size you wear it is about how you wear it

Beauty icons: 
Joy: Alyssa Milano, Tandy Newton, Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe, Kerry Washington

Love Yascone

Your look in three words: 
Love: Princess. Tomboy. Standout. 

Five-minute routine: 
Love: exfoliate lips, moisturize face (with SPF) if necessary, Bare Minerals Golden Tan powder adding more to the eyes, tinted Mineral Veil, Black mascara, liquid blush, lipstick and lip gloss

Never leave the house without: 
Love: lip gloss and breath mints

Beauty from the inside out: 
Love: Laughing at yourself

Exercise regime: 
Love: Club dancing (preference), Spinning (recently) 

Cleanse or not: 
Love: Yes, I look at what my body needs and determine what kind of cleanse from there.

Beauty essentials:
Love: Facial Moisturizer, Lip Gloss

Skincare secret: 
Love: Sweat (no really, my face is healthier and looks better after a good sweat)

Hair remedy: 
Love: Kinky-Curly 

In-tub must-read: 
Love: I meditate/plan my life. I never read in the tub.

Spa-cation at:  
Love: Kholer

Fragrance of choice: 
Love: Chanel Chance

Best advice from mom: 
Love: buy more than one if it is your favorite 

Best advice from the pros: 
Love: do not line my bottom eyelid 

Beauty icons: 
Love: Ava Gardner, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Lopez, Lisa Bonet, Vanessa Williams, Pam Grier

Ask yourself these questions.  If any of it doesn't match up with what is really going on with you maybe you need to change things around.  Make your words, heart and actions matchup.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Saying Yes to the USA and No to the Inauguration

The Obamas at State Dinner with Canada's 1st Family

The day is here.  We go from a country that was moving towards full equality, social acceptance, and education/healthcare for all, to...well...no longer being that.  January 20, 2017 is a day of elation for a few and a day of horror for the rest of the world but Putin.  I am deciding not to let fear, sadness and uncertainty to dominate my weekend.  I am also deciding not to let the new President and his cabinet of unqualified one percenters take over my weekend and neither should you!!! Even if you are going to a protest keep your eyes on the prize.  Protest for the moral conscious of America and for the rights of American Citizens! Send your energy in the right direction.  In other words starve the jerks! Starve them of energy, attention and ratings.  Feed America, your family, and yourself goodwill and understanding.

So how do we starve them? Well, a lot of us have formed our own ways to protest.  First you have to look at the number one thing the new president cares about ratings and attention.  So, unfortunately certain TV stations are going to be starved too. We are leaving all our TVs on but not on any station that focuses on the transition of power.  If we tweet we won't mention the new presidents name.  If we need to check the news, google the news.  If you can't resist watching the Inauguration watch it on Univision or Telemundo or NHK.  In other words if you want to protest but can't resist watching, watch on a foreign language channel. To make this easier for you, I made a list.

Starve List:

1. Do Not Watch Friday: CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, FOX, FOX News, CBS, Headline News, CNBC or any other station that might have the Inauguration or news of it.
2. Do Not Watch for the Whole Weekend: CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, Headline News, and CNBC
3. Do Not mention of the new 1st family on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other Social Media site.

The Starve List is pretty easy.  The Feed List is a little more intense, lol.  I mean how do we spend our weekend?  How do we avoid looking at the biggest train wreck in American history? Well, why not post a bunch of Youtube videos about how you see the world or what you hope for in the future.  Entertain your family and friends.  (Oh, shit some of my postings have the new prez's name in it.  Oh well no new posting (this weekend) will have his name but I will be reposting some of my old stuff.)  As for me, I am going to be shamelessly promoting myself and my family.  Oh and posting thanks to Obama and other people who make our world great.  Let me just write the list.

Feed List:

1. Turn on all the TV's to channels not covering the transition of power.
    Example: Food Network, Cartoon Network, SyFy Channel
2. Tweet Thanks to people, leaders, and family members who improve your life.
3. Call your local politicians and let them know how you feel.
4. Call the congress members who support equal rights for all and thank them.
5. If you have something of yours to promote this is the weekend to do it.  If your family member is promoting themselves this weekend use the time to support them.  Send energy where it is needed.
6. Go out to eat at a place that serve Mexican food, Chinese food, Indian food, Korean food, Soul Food and any other ethnic group/nationality's cuisine.  Let's celebrate our differences.
7. Post about the rights you love and the rights you will keep!
8. Most of all take an hour for yourself each day this weekend.  You are worth more than our new prez knows.  You are an American citizen. "You are smart.  You are beautiful and You are important." -This is not the exact quote from The Help but you get my point.

New Year's Day Just Me Clowning

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Command 2017 Because Resolutions Are No Longer Good Enough

After living through the year that SHOULD BE STRUCK from history, I will not depend on wishes, resolutions or "Good Thoughts" to get me what I want.  I mean resolutions are supposed to be "a firm decision to do or not do something" by definition! If you dare to look back at that GOD AWFUL YEAR that shall not be named you will realize it will take more than a resolution to get through the next four years.  That hateful year has set us all back.  I mean we are going to need more than a resolution to make this better.  It is not that I won't make wishes, set goals and have resolutions but I need something more than those things to improve my life and my family's life!  The results of last year's actions presumably will set us all back this year and the three years to come.  I am determined not to let that happen.  In fact, the whole country can go completely insane, but I am determined to make sure we thrive.  We can't afford any weak links not this year.

There are some "Must Do's" for the "4":

1. Will make more than we spend.
2. Will laugh more than we fight.
3. Will learn our bodies strengths (enhance) and weaknesses (improve).
4. Will expand our talents.
5. Will expand our knowledge.
6. Perfect health is a must.
7. Spiritual health is a must.
8. Building alliances is a must.
9. We must reach our physical goals because our very lives (not just quality of life) may depend on it.
10. Most of all we must learn the REAL VALUE of everything.  Remember the value of money fluctuates.

I know to many of  you I am speaking too generally but my grandmother taught me to speak in code and for my family this is specific enough.  By the time the Kentucky Derby rolls around everyone should be able to see if we are on track or not.  Phase I of 2017 is to wipe out every weakness I have.  Phase II of 2017 is for people to see that I really do live my life as art.  Phase III for My Royal Family 4 is to make sure our large family (aunts, uncles, cousins) are all strong links.  We are only as strong as our weakest.  Phase IV BEST CHRISTMAS EVER and assessing what needs to happen next.

Right now I am not worried about the body goals for two of the members of My Royal Family 4.  I am working out 5x a week these days.  One sister is in a ballroom dancing competition so she will be fine too.  Oddly it is the skinniest of the sisters and of course our mom who may need help getting it into gear.  They are both very serious but their focus is being pulled toward money.  I hate to say it but health, body image and money are going to be linked this year more than ever.  There is one thing I know about us, if one does well the others will catch up.  I guess this year I will be Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.   I will be in front guiding the sleigh during the snowstorm although they may not notice until we reach the end of Phase I, lol.  Phase I the focus is clearing away all the "stuff" and finding the doors we never even knew existed.  I want to smile while reaching all my goals.  I want to cast "doubt", "what if" (the bad ones) and "fear" aside for good. Phase I, is the most important because if only Phase I is completed I am still having a very good year.

That brings us to the command part of 2017! We will not lose anymore ground 2017 that is a command! Do you understand me? Tell 2017 what you expect of it.  Command it to behave the way you need it to and don't look back at that awful, star killing year we just had.

2017 my commands are as follows:

My body will be as I choose not as my negative emotions choose.  I will be healthier, hotter, and more physically powerful than my best self.  This extends to all members of my family as well.

I will enjoy myself, my life and all of my rights.  This is not negotiable!

2017 You will literally remove all racist and hateful people from my personal path.

My time will be spent making money and living life as art.

My family will be more protected than Fort Knox.

Only those who add light, fun, wisdom, opportunity, and true friendship can be brought into any of my family's circle.

Mend all of my family's misunderstandings, hurts and disagreements so we may help and enhance each other's lives and futures.

Anyone not in my family who has sought to harm anyone in my family or to wrongfully take from anyone in my family will be removed and bound from harming any of us again and 2017 must restore by 1000x what has been taken.  

I will work easy because life is easy when you work without fear.  I must change my mindset because hard work only gets you so far.  Creative work, now that gets you beyond your wildest dreams.  Most of all 2017 I will clown around because life needs a laugh or two.

Now more than ever it is important to have fun.


One New Year's Resolution Completed Thanks to CycleBar

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Have A Voting Party! Don't Let Fear and Intimidation Suppress Your Vote!

Joy Yascone, Love Yascone, Glenda Yascone
Are Supporting Jim Gray for US Senate (Kentucky)

We have all heard Trump telling his frankly proud alt-right deplorables to monitor the polls.  We have all heard how some of them are bringing their guns.  That's odd because many precincts are held at elementary schools (gun & drug free zones).  Some counties in America are canceling school for that reason.  Fear has been a major weapon used to suppress the vote (liberal votes, women & minorities and anyone voting against the GOP).  Your vote is the most powerful weapon against fear.  Now I personally believe you should vote early.  I think it is the safest way to protect yourself and your vote.  It gives you time to deal with any problems that may come up.  It frees you up to help get out the vote on November 8th.  It makes it harder to target you if you vote at an early voting center instead of your personal precinct.  But let's say you can't vote early and you are afraid of being harassed by some Trumpkin Trumpster Fire.  There is no reason to go to your polling precinct alone.

Love Yascone, Joy Yascone,
 & Glenda Yascone

That's right there is no reason to fear going to the polls.  Plan a voting party.  Make a voting parade for family and friends.  Of course don't wear any campaign material to the polls because that is illegal but you don't have to go there alone.  Coordinate a time when you and your family go to vote.  If you all live in the same precinct it makes life easy.  Plan to vote early that morning and then have brunch together.  If you don't all live in the same precinct then plan this party right.  Pick a 2 hour window in which you will begin your voting party.  Start in the precinct that you have the most voters  and then work your way out from there.  Go to the next nearest precinct to the one you just left.  Stick together.  Give yourselves enough time to get to each precinct and make it fun.  At the very least you can set up a buddy system.  Go to the polls in twos or threes.  Find neighbors who have like political views and plan to go with them.  No one has a right to intimidate you.  No one has a right to suppress your vote.  Vote early together, have breakfast together and if you have to go to work go to work and then meet up later for drinks.  Take lunch breaks together and go and vote.  Your employer must give you time off to vote it is the law.  If you wait to vote after work, well it will be more fun to have someone wait in line with you.  Hopefully happy hour will still be going on after you vote.  After this election we all deserve Happy Hour.

Eddie Merlot's