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August 28, 2013 Entry

Churchill Downs "Star-Spangled Night"
June 29, 2013 Millionaires Row
3 sisters, Millionaires Row
Love Yascone sisters
Churchill Downs "Star-Spangled Night"

My sisters and I love food.  We have traveled literally thousands miles and have planned whole vacations to eat the foods we love.  Of course, we make sure that we have some other reason to travel to a town or place, most of the time. Okay, I must admit the three of us could be the three little pigs when we are on vacation.  I know Joy and Faith would kill me for calling us the three little pigs, but they would also laugh in horrified agreement.  We are fans of great cooks, chefs, restaurants and any good show about food.  Don't believe me? Ask Adam Richman (Fandemonium and Man v. Food).  He knows food, and he knows us and our love of food.  We dream of recipes.  We have food parties that are just for us and mom; we cook all day and eat all that night.  We have destroyed diets.  We have spent large sums of money and planned some of our best events just for the sake of getting that,"wow that food was good" moment.

The pic below is one of our let's watch Korean TV and eat Korean food nights.  Faith made everything that night.

Our Korean Food
Korean Food, Food Porn
Late Night Snack Korean Food

Bad food days really piss us off.  The worst person to have a bad food day is my Mom.  When we go out and spend our money, she expects good food, period.  My mom will tell you if you are having a bad food day.  She can't help herself, and to tell the truth neither can my sister Joy.  Both mom and Joy feel that going out to have crappy food is not only a waste of their money and time, but it is also insulting and they do take it as personal insult.  It doesn't help that we can cook great food at home and we have absolutely no knife skills.  We go out because we love the energy and don't like cleaning up after making a meal. and Joy can get a little hostile when our evening's entertainment (the food) is bad.  Faith sometimes will call out a bad food day, too.  And please don't give any of us dirty plates.  I keep my mouth shut most times about bad food.  I just won't finish my food; leaving food on the plate is me making a point without saying a word.  That said, I will point out dirty dishes.  Sometimes I'll keep my mouth shut, but if it is a place I love and trust or think I can trust I will say something.  I am not one to take things back.  My mom has been food poisoned 3 times.  Two of those times were at the same restaurant.  That restaurant no longer exists; it mysteriously burned down.  The point is piss us off, and we won't be back.

We love food.  We appreciate street food.  We will eat fast food.  We have dined at restaurants that have 4-5 stars and cost us a great deal of money.  If I know we are going to a new city I will try to make a food itinerary, but most of the time I don't know where or when we are going.  Something happens, we end up on a road trip and we just stop somewhere.  When we make random stops sometimes we go with Joy's feeling about a place.  Joy's "feelings" have sometimes led us to food disasters, but sometimes they are the most awesome finds ever.   When it is a disaster, Faith and I are not forgiving.  We may hold our tongues in the actual restaurant, but Joy is going to get an earful on the way home or back to the hotel.  Faith, like me, does research on places she would like to go.  Unlike me she also uses word of mouth to find new places.  She is our social butterfly, which is odd because Faith is really antisocial.  She is in her element when she is at a restaurant or at an awesome party, but don't just randomly try to talk to her because although she seems to be a party girl she can be very selective.  Faith has some great pictures with food heavy hitters.

Faith with Adam Richman at 
The Kentucky Derby 2013
Derby 2013, Best Kentucky Derby Hat
Faith with Adam Richman
Kentucky Derby

Faith with Bobby Flay 
Kentucky Derby 2009 (Turf Club)
Kentucky Derby, Turf Club
Faith with Bobby Flay

Faith with Guy  Fieri
Kentucky Derby 2009 (Turf Club)
Churchill Downs, Turf Club
Faith with GuyFieri
Kentucky Derby

Adam Richman, of course, is our Personal favorite.  He is the reason why Faith and I have our own food eating challenges.  The picture below was our last food challenge and little Faith kicked my butt.  All of this is one meal.  This was my side of the table, and Faith had the exact same meal on her side of the table.

May 16, 2013
Big Meal, Mexican Food, Food Porn

Okay, we also love Adam because he not only came to our home, but he also played music for us using my little sister's guitar.  Pretty cool huh?  Yes, we are fans.  He is awesome.

Okay, enough of the Adam Richman love fest; this page is about my family's love of food.  Although Adam's shows have helped our love of food grow, we have always had a love of food.  We were calling food porn food porn way before it was mainstream.  Food porn has become its own addiction, but it is an addiction that has educational benefits.  I got hooked on food porn when I first heard Emeril go bam and when Iron Chef was strictly Japanese.  I went to Montreal and tried the McCafĂ© when that was the only McDonald's that had McCafĂ© products.  The cappuccino was good.  It was better than what they serve in every McDonald's now.  I am not hating on McDonald's; I am just acknowledging Montreal's skills.  I found out about the Montreal McDonald's through watching the Travel Channel.  Food porn is amazing like that.  Food porn can add destinations to your trip or make you think of new flavor combinations or get you through your diet.  Looking is almost as good as tasting to me.  Notice I said almost.

Faith and Bryan (Bryan is our knight/my knight) love to come up with cooking challenges.  The last challenge was a pie challenge that we did Derby week.  Everyone did a great job, but I hate to admit Bryan beat all the women in the house. He made a banana cream pie that was very unique and completely his own recipe.    His pie didn't taste better than what Joy or Faith or I made (mom sat this fight out), and I must say we all made very unique and memorable dishes; but his pie was a simple pie that he managed to make complex.  It wasn't something new, but it was something familiar that was made new.  I made a sweet potato and BBQ pork pie that was out of this world, but Bryan's pie was a pie other people would attempt to make, and yet it is a recipe that is uniquely Bryan.  Faith and Bryan encourage us to celebrate life through healthy food competitions.

Can You believe this Guy can cook?
Bryan is awesome.

At this moment and time we are not feeling the celebratory love for food that we normally have; this happens to The Ladies of the Round Table every once and awhile.  We have had no contest.  We have had no late night feeding frenzies.  When we cook or order-in it is less out of celebration, love and comfort and more out of we eat because we feel lost.  We go out, but we have no passion to be out.  This happens to us from time to time, but for some reason this food depression is lasting longer than usual.  I know it has to end soon because Mom, Faith and Joy all have their birthdays in September, and of course the Holidays are soon after that.  We have an awesome Halloween party, and Bryan's birthday is Columbus Day.  So we have to come out of this soon.  Maybe we should just go on a diet?

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