Friday, October 30, 2015

Party Food So Good You Don’t Want To Share- Halloween Goodness

Okay I have made a jambalaya so good I want to sit in the closet and eat every bit of it by myself.  Unfortunately it is for tomorrow’s party.  We are also having chili and fettuccine Alfredo and all sorts of other fun good food I can’t wait to eat but I tasted my jambalaya and I am in love.  I won’t add the sea food until tomorrow night and it is still OMG good.  Italian Parsley, cilantro, jasmine rice, butter, chicken, chorizo, moonshine sausage…I am in love!  Tomorrow I won’t even remember to take a picture so I am posting now without the shrimp.  Halloween isn’t just candy.  Halloween can be the best fun food you ever had.


Halloween Drinks
This is the base of our drinks Tequila 

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