Sunday, January 4, 2015

In The Anime World Capricorns Rule

Capricorn Super Couple
Urahara and Yoruichi

Okay, my birthday is today which makes me a Capricorn but I am no ordinary Capricorn.  I happen to have five planets in Capricorn (correction I have 6 in Capricorn).  By the way in astrology the word “planets” refer to more than just planets.  Planets in astrology is a term used loosely so, don’t get hung up on the use of the word.  The sign Capricorn is ruled by the beautiful planet of Saturn.   I love my ruling planet but in the world of astrology there is not much love for Saturn.  Saturn is the, teach you a lesson planet, the no fun hard times planet.  When Saturn comes to your sign it is all gloom and doom.  At least that’s how many people feel, so having five (correction 6) “planets” in Capricorn can be a very heavy thing.  My Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Mean Mode are all in Capricorn. (Correction I have 6 things in Capricorn because I also have Capricorn in True Node.) When things are going bad for Capricorn I get five times (make that 6x) the bad.  My sisters would make fun of me, “You do that because you’re ruled by Saturn.”  This statement would be just the beginning in a true fight.  Their statements can be brutal and being a Capricorn can be used against me.

I am a very proud Capricorn.  Capricorns are smart, loyal and have a very unique sense of humor.  The traits of Capricorn make great traits for anime characters.  When I get a little down on myself I remember I am a Capricorn and I like being a Capricorn.  Everyone has their opinions about my beloved sign but my favorite interpretations of the sign Capricorn comes from the anime world.  Even when a Capricorn is a villain you respect them and that is awesome.  I find my sign to be represented well in both manga and anime.  I like seeing how Capricorns are defined in the stories of anime.  I watch Japanese anime a lot but I never blog about it. I love being a Capricorn, I love anime and I love seeing both worlds together.  I made myself a promise Fall of 2014.  I promised that on my birthday I would talk about anime.  Well there are thousands of great blogs already out there for anime and I read them from time to time.  The point is I don’t need to blog about anime but I do want to celebrate me.  Being a Capricorn and watching anime is a big part of me.  It is my personal fun.  So in honor of Capricorns everywhere I have a Pinterest Board just for Anime Capricorns.  I find many anime characters inspiring so if you want to see what inspires me also take a look at My Anime Inspiration.  The Anime inspiration board is my favorite of the two boards.  I love Capricorn characters in all stories but in anime they are magic.  I need magic in my life always and this is one way to do just that.

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