Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Have A Voting Party! Don't Let Fear and Intimidation Suppress Your Vote!

Joy Yascone, Love Yascone, Glenda Yascone
Are Supporting Jim Gray for US Senate (Kentucky)

We have all heard Trump telling his frankly proud alt-right deplorables to monitor the polls.  We have all heard how some of them are bringing their guns.  That's odd because many precincts are held at elementary schools (gun & drug free zones).  Some counties in America are canceling school for that reason.  Fear has been a major weapon used to suppress the vote (liberal votes, women & minorities and anyone voting against the GOP).  Your vote is the most powerful weapon against fear.  Now I personally believe you should vote early.  I think it is the safest way to protect yourself and your vote.  It gives you time to deal with any problems that may come up.  It frees you up to help get out the vote on November 8th.  It makes it harder to target you if you vote at an early voting center instead of your personal precinct.  But let's say you can't vote early and you are afraid of being harassed by some Trumpkin Trumpster Fire.  There is no reason to go to your polling precinct alone.

Love Yascone, Joy Yascone,
 & Glenda Yascone

That's right there is no reason to fear going to the polls.  Plan a voting party.  Make a voting parade for family and friends.  Of course don't wear any campaign material to the polls because that is illegal but you don't have to go there alone.  Coordinate a time when you and your family go to vote.  If you all live in the same precinct it makes life easy.  Plan to vote early that morning and then have brunch together.  If you don't all live in the same precinct then plan this party right.  Pick a 2 hour window in which you will begin your voting party.  Start in the precinct that you have the most voters  and then work your way out from there.  Go to the next nearest precinct to the one you just left.  Stick together.  Give yourselves enough time to get to each precinct and make it fun.  At the very least you can set up a buddy system.  Go to the polls in twos or threes.  Find neighbors who have like political views and plan to go with them.  No one has a right to intimidate you.  No one has a right to suppress your vote.  Vote early together, have breakfast together and if you have to go to work go to work and then meet up later for drinks.  Take lunch breaks together and go and vote.  Your employer must give you time off to vote it is the law.  If you wait to vote after work, well it will be more fun to have someone wait in line with you.  Hopefully happy hour will still be going on after you vote.  After this election we all deserve Happy Hour.

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