Vitamins and Supplements

This is a way for me to build and share a list of vitamins and supplements that we have found to be important.  I often forget that this supplement is good for this or that.  I often forget what supplements and vitamins are important to me and often get overwhelmed by the amount of supplements I need to take.  My goal is to get the most out of my vitamins and supplements.  In order to do that I must try to narrow down the list of supplements and vitamins to those that I really need.  I am looking at what I and the rest of The Ladies of the Round Table want to improve, and I am building a list of supplements I feel will help us with that improvement.

We want vitamins and supplements that improve:

1. Our Hair
2. Our Skin
3. Our Eyes
5. Our bones
6. Our blood
7. Our Mood
8. Our Health
9. Our Weight

All four of us work hard to find ways to improve.  The four of us research what we feel would be right for us.  I am compiling this list to remind us what we need, what we think we need, and what we want to try.  If this list helps you, too, that's great, but realize this list is for us and problems unique to us.  Do your own research.  If you want to know why I picked a supplement research it.  For example, we take cinnamon not only to keep our insulin in check but also to thin our blood.  We have unusually thick blood, so cinnamon will help us, but it may not be good for you.  Look at our list and find out why or if you should take it for yourself.

The list is an evolving list.  I will continue to add and take away from it.  I may get bored and add only three things one day and the next day I might add 20.  By next year I hope this list will be a solid  vitamin and supplement list.

List Of Supplements We Will Always Take

1. FOCUSfactor  - Brain
2. Milk Thistle - Liver
3. Lutein & Zeaxanthin - Eyes
4. Cinnamon - Blood Sugar and Blood Thinner
5. MSM - Hair, Skin, Joints, Allergies (Take with Vitamin C)
6. Vitamin D3 - Mood
7. Vitamin C
8. Magnesium - Brain, Intestines, Relaxation
9. Bamboo - Skin, Hair, Nails
10. Multivitamin - (One that is close to being a food)
11. Tart Cherry Concentrate - Sleep Aid, Inflammation, Joints, Heart
12. Vitamin E
13. Omega3-Fish Oil (I heard Guys Should be Careful with This)
14. *Garlic -Weight Loss, Blood Pressure
15. *Decaffeinated Green Tea - Weight Loss, Hair Growth
16. *Policosanol - Diet, Weight Loss
17. * Alpha Lipic Acid (ALA)- Diet, Weight Loss
* All of the starred supplements can be bought as a PAGG Stack (Buy PAGG) but we prefer to avoid ALA when our stomachs are sensitive so we buy the supplements individually. - Weight Loss, Diet
18. Niacin (must be the kind that makes you flush) - Mood, Energy Metabolism
19. B12 and B6
20. Co Q-10 - Skin, Heart

The List To Try Later

1. Eidon Liquid Silica - Hair, Skin, Bones, Nails

Sometimes List

1. Fo-Ti - Hair
2. Saw Palmetto - Overall Beauty, Migraines, Diuretic, Sedative, Breast, Hormones, improves digestion and absorption of nutrients (Note: I think we should take it with are B Vitamins and Niacin)

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