This page is about finding magic, seeing magic and being magic.  If you just look at the world around you, you will find magic, blessings and fairytale moments everywhere.  Sometimes the fairytales are the Brother's Grimm's version, but the world isn't always ponies and rainbows.  By the way, I am born the exact same day as Jacob Grimm, January, 4th.  Like I said, magic is everywhere.

I loved the Brothers Grimm since I was a little kid.  My mom was never a woman to candy coat stories.  For some reason I never noticed that Jacob and I were born on the same day.  I saw something on TV or was reading something on the internet (I can't remember), but I know one thing. I wasn't looking for Jacob's birthday. Sometimes, at odd and unexpected times, something will find you, something perfect for the moment.  I looked for people born on my birthday before and never noticed him.  I stopped looking up other people born on my birthday and randomly found out that Jacob was born on my birthday.  Small, I know, but if you knew me it would explain a lot.  Let's just say I am destined to work with my family, destined to love stories and destined to live an enchanted life.

I've noticed that my family are a people of the light with some very, very dark life experiences.  We won't be talking about those, but they are important because magical moments are key to our survival.  Even the smallest of things help us ward off the forces of darkness.  I started to look at fixed things in our lives that could be seen as strange coincidence.  My grandmother is the youngest of 19 kids (or is it 20?).  They always said grandmother had 19 brothers and sisters, so I guess that would make her kid #20.  Okay, I can't help it; I am going to mention one dark thing.  Eight of my grandmother's brothers died within 12 months of each other not all of the deaths were of natural causes.  If I had not been a child at the time and witnessed it, I wouldn't believe it.  Anyway, my grandmother is the youngest of 20, and she had 8 children of her own: four boys and four girls.


Here is where it gets interesting: each girl was born with a different astrological element.  Daughter one is an air sign.  Daughter two is a water sign.  Daughter number three, my mother, happens to be an earth sign.  Daughter number four, a Leo, is a fire.  If the four of them could have worked together they could have been invincible.  Unfortunately, they did not notice their awesomeness together, and now I really don't think working together for them is a good idea, at least not yet.

Out of my grandmother's 4 daughters my mother was the only one to give birth to girls.  I am my grandmother's first grandchild, quickly followed by Joy and Faith.  Two of my aunts had male children only.  The first male cousin died while being born.  It was my oldest aunt's only child.  In that same year my mother was pregnant with her last daughter and my other aunt was pregnant with her first son. So, the sisters had 3 pregnancies between them in the same year.  Faith came next, and a month later the first living male cousin was born.  He was born on his mother's birthday.  Needless to say, mother and son are very close.  So Joy and I were born the same year, and Faith and our first living male cousin were born in the same year.  The same aunt had another boy a couple of years later.  I consider us the original 5.  We are like brothers and sisters.  It is awesome because we back each other up most of the time.  My mother's youngest sister is godmother to Faith and baby boy #2.  So, if you are counting, only two of my grandmother's daughters have kids. My mom has all girls, and grandmother's daughter number 2 has all boys.

I know I am rambling, but I am just looking at events that are fixed.  I can control if I walk down a certain street, but I can't control when people were born or when they die, so I am looking at what is already there for a magic foundation.  I am not trying to convince anyone of anything.  I am more just trying to observe the information.  I guess this is more for myself and for my family.  This is my way of linking us together or maybe just reminding us of our start, from the way I see it.  I don't want to take anything for granted.  Any moment can change my mood or outlook on life.  Good moments and strange coincidences make magic moments.  Most of the time you live your life without noticing it or the people around you.  We miss out on the odd coincidences that may not be coincidences.  We miss opportunities.

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