Monday, August 17, 2015

8 Simple Rules To Do Natural Hair, Curly Hair In 15 Minutes Or Less (Especially For A Weekend Trip)

Day 1

Day 2

Okay I had to be in Chicago with my sister Joy on Friday for a conference.  One problem, a major family project we had been working on had to be finished and sent to our contacts in New York on the same day.  Oh, and our familiar Cheyenne had to be packed up to go with us as well.  Did I mention the computer board on the washing machine was frozen all day Thursday and most of Friday? I needed clean underwear! I had to pack myself and Cheyenne, finish my work for the other project and I still ended up waiting for Joy, lol.  Joy was working on the same project too but she was the one who set the Chicago schedule was her job to make sure we left earlier.  We didn't leave until 9:40 PM.  I knew this was a sign that I would have no time for getting ready.  My hair usually takes the most time.  I knew I would need to cut that time in half.

I had just spent the last week hydrating and detangling my hair twice a day everyday for 7 days.  My hair was already nice and detangled.  So I guess rule number 1 is keep your hair hydrated and detangled especially if you know you may have days during the week where you will have no time to waste on your hair.  You can read more about my hydrating/detangling week here My Own Version Of Maximum Hydration (LOC Method Twice A Day).  It really saved me.  No one wants to look like I matted mess especially when they are around someone as pretty as my sister Joy.

Joy took her braid down for second day of conference.  It literally took her no time at all for her to look this good.

Day 2

Rule number 2 bring only your best and low maintenance products.  For me that is Kinky-Curly.  I knew that my hair was clean and detangled.  I only needed to pack 2 products, Kinky-Curly Knot Today Leave-in Conditioner and Kinky-Curly Curling Custard.  If you can't pack it you can always buy it at Target once you get where you are going.

Okay so we arrive at our Chicago Hotel (really Evanston, IL) at 3 am. The staff at the Hilton was super nice.  By the time we checked in, unpacked and walked Cheyenne we had only 2 hours left for sleep.  I knew I would have to walk Cheyenne before we left the hotel, buy the things we were missing for the conference and help Joy setup.  We were real tired.  My legs were and still are swollen.  We slept an hour longer than we should have.  No time for breakfast.  No time for a real shower.  One bathroom 2 women and only 40 min to get ready.  Joy had to be on point so she got in the shower first.  She was quick and those of you who know Joy know that is impossible.  She conditioned her hair and plaited it in the back.  She looked beautiful.  Now it is my turn.  I hop into the shower and do not co-wash my hair and that is rule #3.  I simply wet my hair down and proceed to use Knot Today extremely generously through my hair (I used 1/4 of the bottle).  Rule number #4 be generous with the product it will save you time today and even more time tomorrow as you can "reactivate" what you have already used.  Rule number #5 do not comb your hair!!! It changes your curl pattern and waste your time, use your fingers only.  While I was cleaning the rest of myself my hair was getting a nice mist.  Rule number #6 start with your hair first then take care of your body it allows your hair time to set the curl.  Then I gave my hair a little dowsing of water to allow the leave-in to spread evenly and prep my hair for Kinky-Curly Curling Custard.  I used the curling custard enough to really feel it throughout  my hair. Rule #7 use water to distribute product evenly; just a little bit of water helps you reach every strand.  Rule #8 use all styling products while you are in the shower even your curling custard/gel/or whatever.  The mist helps your hair.

I only used two products and took less than 15 minutes to get ready (doing my hair and showering).  Sunday I only took 7 minutes in the shower.  I wet my hair down and that reactivated the product from the day before.  I added a little more leave-in and a little more custard, washed my body and was out.  My hair looked better on Sunday and it took less time.

8 Simple rules to :

1. Keep your hair detangled and hydrated (My Own Version Of Maximum Hydration (LOC Method Twice A Day)
2. Use only your best and low maintenance products.  I used Kinky-Curly Knot Today and Curling Custard.
3. Do not co-wash your hair.  Wet down your hair and go straight to styling.
4. Be generous with your styling products.
5. Do not comb or brush your hair.  Style with you fingers only.  Your best curl pattern is a undisturbed pattern.
6. Do your hair first then take care of you body.  The time and mist of the shower will help set your curls.
7. Use a little bit of water to distribute products evenly through hair.  Do this after applying the product.
8. Use all styling products while you are in the shower.  Style your hair in the shower.  Don't touch it when you are done.  If my hair is too drippy I may use a T-shirt to lightly dry my hair.  I mean barely touch the dripping parts of your hair with a T-shirt.  Never use a towel.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

My Own Version Of Maximum Hydration (LOC Method Twice A Day)

Okay I saw online some naturals doing something called maximum hydration.  I decided right away that I couldn't do the whole process so I made up my own method.  I kept the main part of the process co-washing my hair twice a day and I used Herbal Essence Cleansing Conditioner.   I mixed silk protein with Mane 'n Tail and used it as my leave-in conditioner.  I made my own DIY gel and used Shea butter to seal in the moisture.  So basically I did the LOC Method twice a day.  To get the real Maximum Hydration Method just click.  Check out my results below.

Day 1
Okay I started late yesterday afternoon so I only detangled/washed my hair once. This is after first detangle we will see if it changes at all. My goal is to have tangle free hair with less shrinkage and less frizz (optional). 

Day 2
This was my first full day doing my version of maximum hydration. This was my second wash of the day.  Since I am not going out I skipped the gel part and only did my Mane N Tail/silk protein mix as a leave-in.  I used a spray on oil to seal my hair. Detangling my hair 3x in less than 36 hours has made a difference. It is my hope to change my hair's tangle patterns. Right now my hair is used to being tangled and goes right back to the tangle pattern even after I detangle it. I think that hydrating my hair will change this outcome but also detangling my hair twice a day and braiding it at night will give my hair the new "habit" of staying detangled.  

By Day 3 I was tired

3 days after last Hydration day (day 10)
Note: The Thumbnail is the before pick

I must say I liked what I used in my hair today.
L'ORÉAL Smooth Intense Polishing Conditioner and Sleek It Frizz Vanisher Cream really works on natural hair.


I love her.  I love her hair and her style and she can keep you from losing your hair.  Finger detangling is the best way and sometimes the only way.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Pleasantly Surprised By AS I AM Hair Products And Avon

Love Yascone my hair on AS I AM

Ok you know you are having a day when you lose everything you just wrote!
Yes, this is my second time writing this.  No, it is not going to be better than the first draft! I am sorry but I am lazy! I was supposed to write this a week ago and I am just now getting around to it so...Yeah lazy, depressed whatever.  Let's get to it shall we.

Two weeks ago I decided to runaway for a little while.  I left with only the clothes on my back and no hair products! Oops, I decided I didn't want to look like a total basket case, so I went to Target because Target always has a good selection of  hair products for natural/kinky/curly hair.  Now for over a year I have been avoiding AS I AM hair products because I thought they were all marketing and no...what is the word I am looking for? Oh well, I thought that it was going to be a waste of money.  Even though AS I AM is reasonably priced I thought it can't be as good as some of my favorite hair products.  Boy was I wrong!  AS I AM has a whole line of products that are perfect for natural hair.  I tried the Coconut Co-wash (smells like coconut), The Leave-in Conditioner, and Curling Jelly.  I loved this combination of products.  The co-wash felt good, cleaned my hair and I could detangle my hair using the co-wash.  The Leave-in Conditioner was rich and made my hair feel healthy.  The Curling Jelly helped define my curls and the combination of the three products made my hair feel healthy-silky-soft.  I couldn't stop touching my hair which is a problem because curly hair gets frizzy when it is touched to much.  The product made my hair feel and look good for days.  I really enjoyed using it on my hair.  Heck, I really enjoyed my hair. What a surprise! 

Note: I loved it so much I bought it for my mother and sister Faith.  I also had Faith try the detangling conditioner and I hope to get her to do a one minute video about the detangling conditioner at a later date.

Second big surprise of that week was Avon.  We had a party at our house.  It was a Family get together/18th birthday party for my cousin.  Now my Aunt CC gave away gift bags with Avon and I was lucky enough to get Avon's Skin So Soft signature silk body lotion.  I have extremely dry skin and the signature silk worked wonders on my dry and itchy skin.  It made my skin look healthy and feel healthy.  I was so surprised.  Avon really made a product that works on extremely dry skin.  I really love it.  Let's face it if I didn't love it I wouldn't write about.  There was a time when Avon was not cool but it works so...I will admit I love it and would buy it!  

So I have soft hair because of AS I AM and soft skin because of Avon.(