Saturday, October 31, 2015

How To Save Your Halloween-No Costume No Problem

Let me start by saying this Halloween was and is high maintenance this year.  It is not the decorating, we are used to that.  It is not the food we have that part down!  This year I made an epic mistake and ordered 12 costumes from one company.  Biggest mistake EVER! I had to run to the store and find some dresses for each woman in my family.  HELL!!!! I have a rule, try to buy something kind of nice for like $20-$25.  I went to 5 stores before I could find anything.  Yes, I could have made my costume but this year I have run out of time.  My feet hurt!  My Back is sore! My legs swollen! I fear that I have let everyone down but you know what? I made I pretty good jambalaya (Party Food So Good You Don’t Want To Share- Halloween Goodness) tonight and I added some finishing touches to Mom and Aunt Crystal's awesome decoration! In fact they have done such a good job that our “costumes” will look stellar.

If you can’t think of a costume or your costume doesn’t fit or you have hardly any money and even less time here is what you do.

1.     Get a masquerade mask, witches hat or some other prop like an eye patch.  You can get eye patches at Walgreens I think for like $4.
2.     Raid your closet, H&M or Charlotte Russe and find the cutest and/or slutiest dress, bathing suit or pajamas you can find and put them on.  FYI I did not go for cute or slutty.  (I am working with sexy and I don’t really give a F…I am tired.)
3.     And this is the most important. Surround yourself with Halloween decorations.  Pick a place that looks real Halloweenie and go.  It is the environment that surrounds you that makes your costume.

The decorations at our house practically gives me a pass on my costume.  Don’t believe me, check out my pics below.  Also see earlier pics here Halloween Cute, Scary And Sexy: Throwing A Halloween Party.

I will be posting Halloween Party pics sometime in November as I will be too busy tomorrow.

Oh and you can always dress up like this guy.
The Walking Dead


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