Saturday, October 3, 2015

Birthday Birthday And Again Birthday Part Deux Or Our September

Last year we spent the September Birthdays in North Carolina. It was beautiful and sad because not only was it their (Glenda. Joy and Faith's) first birthdays without my husband but our Uncle Pookie passed away just a month before in August.  It was a beautiful and fun birthday but it was not a party.  It was simply the 4 of My Royal Family 4 healing.  The title of this blog is a play off of a 2013 posting (Bryan was still with us) Birthday Birthday And Again Birthday and if you read both postings you will see how far we have come.  This years party celebrations are closer to the real us but not really.  We are trying our best to live the dream and we do this as a family by celebrating each other.

This year we had a dinner party for Mom (Virgo).  We went to Churchill Downs night racing on Faith's (Libra) actual birthday and had a party to end all parties for Faith and our cousin Shawn two days later.  We had a brunch and a dinner for Joy's (Libra) birthday while we worked and partied with the Idea Festival! My diet went to hell on the 26th of September!  I almost want to name this posting Our September because it was busy, fun and full of great food.  This September was the September of the 90's Party, food trucks, parties, great ideas, BILLIONAIRES (although I will not point out who they are), night racing at Churchill Downs, Cincinnati Bengals Pro Football players and just plain living!

Faith's 90's Birthday Party

Sit back and relax.  I am posting pretty pictures and fun videos and maybe just maybe you will get an idea or two.  This is more than just about parties, birthdays and celebrations.  It is about food, love and life.  It is about doing what feels right, like having a food truck! YES, we had a food truck at Faith's 90's birthday party and it was amazing!  It cut down on clean up and the food was so good!


Birthday Cake

Food Truck Holy Molé

Holy Molé Tacos were awesome for Faith's 90's Party

Joy's Brunch

Joy's Dinner 

The Fun


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