Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Birthday Birthday And Again Birthday

Best Mac and Cheese Comfort Food
Mac and Cheese with Aged Cheddar, Colby and Velveeta

Best Sandwich
Okay, September is now over.  September, the beautiful month when summer ends and fall begins.  That month where all schools are officially open and doing business.  Yes, many schools start in August, but all American schools are open by September.  For me, September is beauty, the Autumn Equinox, and birthdays--lots of high maintenance birthdays.  It can be stressful, painful and there is also a 90% chance of weight gain.  My mom is a Virgo and kicks of the festivities.  Joy and Faith are both Libras, born at the end of the month and within 4 days of each other.  Yep, in less than a four day period I must celebrate Joy and Faith's birthdays.  Oh, did I happen to mention my sisters demand a birthday WEEK! They don't get a day; they get a whole week.  Soooo, technically I am still celebrating Joy's Birthday.  FYI Faith is making Korean food, and oh, it is Oct. 2.  Ten days from now I will be celebrating Bryan's birthday.  I am writing while drinking and listening to bluegrass music.  Joy loves bluegrass music.

This year was harder than most to celebrate the birth of my mother and two sisters.  Problem #1 Mom and Faith were spending most their time in Harlan, KY trying to prep mom's property there.  I missed mom's birthday because I stayed behind in Louisville, but I made sure to celebrate Mom's birthday two days later driving down to Harlan with Joy and Bryan.

For Mom's birthday, I thought I would keep the food simple.  I even ordered the Blackout Cake from The Cheesecake Factory.  I had to get that cake.  (Note:  Mom was mad at me when I destroyed what was leftover from my birthday cake (Blackout Cake) from earlier this year.  I am a Capricorn, so it was the very beginning of the year and we were supposed to diet right after my birthday celebrations.  Mom was pissed.  It was like that scene when Roger from American Dad gets Francine and Hayley (mother and daughter ) to fight, with the cake being Roger!  I had cake in my ear.  I am not joking--major Food fight!)  The rest of the food I made myself.  Sunny side up egg, Genoa Salami, and I made a rice and beans with goat cheese and peppers and tomatoes.  The tomatoes and peppers were from Faith's Garden.

Rice and Beans
Cannellini Beans, Sushi Rice, Goat Cheese,
Peppers and Tomatoes
Best Sandwich
Sunny Side up egg,  Genoa Salami, Hawaiian Bread
with havarti cheese

Best Sandwich
Same as above with egg on the side.

Chocolate Cake, Cheese Cake Factory
Blackout Cake
Cheesecake Factory 
For Faith's Birthday Joy and I drove to Harlan.  Bryan stayed home.  I made Faith's birthday dinner in Louisville and transported it to Harlan.  Faith loves comfort food, and oddly both Joy and Faith love Brussel sprouts and, of course, mom hates them, but it is Faith's birthday so sprouts it is.  I made a beef stew Bugs Bunny style.
Bugs Bunny

Mac and Cheese, I was told this was the best we ever had and it was.
Best Mac and Cheese Comfort Food
Mac and Cheese with Aged Cheddar, Colby and Velveeta

Brussel Sprouts
Best Brussel Sprouts
Brussel Sprouts, thick cut bacon, honey and hot peppers
from Faith's Garden

Birthday Cake
Carrot Cake Cheesecake Factory

So, now Faith is cooking.  We celebrated Joy's birthday on her birthday, but no one cooked so Faith is now throwing a slumber/birthday party for herself and Joy.  It is the first week Faith has been home since the middle of August.  So, she is making everyone her Korean food.  Yes!  I am waiting now.  I think I am no longer tipsy.  I will take a picture of the complete spread.  Oh, and Joy made potato salad.  Joy was also Faith's sous chef.   Okay, so all that will follow is a bunch of pics.  I hope I have provided you with enough food porn. 

OMG we are watching Parker with Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez and they base part of the story in Covington, KY and Louisville's Churchill Downs.  Who knew?  Well here are our dinner pics from today.
Korean Sides

Korean Food, Eggs

Korean BBQ
Korean BBQ


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