Thursday, October 17, 2013

Beauty By The Moon (Diet, Weight Loss And Long Hair)

Trim Hair during the waxing moon for longer faster growing hair
Moon Oct. 17 2013

Okay, I am very bored with trying to make myself look the way I want in my dreams.  I am frankly burned out when it comes to diets and my hair can never grow fast enough to satisfy me. Right now the only thing that can excite me is fashion, but all my money is tied up, so I am not all that excited.  Unfortunately it seems the rest of the Ladies Of The Round Table are burned out on everything to do with self improvement, too.  In other words none of use can stay on a diet, and none of us seem to care!

This started me thinking, "Is there something wrong in the Universe?" Why can't I do what needs to be done? Why can't anyone in my family stay on a diet? I have been looking at adjusting my schedule to coincide with the moon.  I was explaining to Faith my little experiment when she asked me if I had ever tried to use the moon to plan my diet.  I had not.  Wow, I was using the waning and waxing of the moon to plan all sorts of things but not my diet.  Now I have heard of using the waxing and waning of the moon to grow your hair longer and loss weight, but I have never actually tried it.  This may be the something I needed.  Maybe I can breathe new life into my image goals.  Timing my diet to the waning and waxing of the moon might be fun.  So I looked up how to use the moon to make my hair longer and my waist smaller.

I looked at many sites and books.  I found Farmer's Almanac extremely helpful.  They have a Best Days Calendar that makes planning beauty ideas easy.  Apparently, starting a diet during a waxing moon is harder on your willpower.   Cutting your hair during a waning moon is a very bad idea if you want long hair.  Oh, and the best time to start a diet is the night of the Full Moon.  The full Moon this month is tomorrow, October 18, 2013 (also lunar eclipse).  Yes, tomorrow I will start my diet.  I will see if starting my dieting during the full Moon really makes things easier.  It won't be just me starting my diet by myself, I hope.  Mom and my sisters are supposed to start their diets tomorrow.  All of us will be doing The 4-Hour Body (Faith and I both read and love this book) and Pat Brown System (a friend recently told us to check this out).  In addition I am doing the the Fast Diet for a little extra kick; I really liked the book and I know that the 5:2 schedule will work well for me.  So, tomorrow we diet, but today we feast.  Joy and Faith made a huge brunch.  It was amazing.  Later tonight I will have Korean noodles and bourbon.

Tomorrow we diet.  Today I have no motivation to diet but maybe tomorrow will be different.  We have to diet.  We must diet.  Our goals are clear.  Diet to look even better than we did here:

Mom (Glenda)

Love (me)

Boots: YSL
Faith at Perfect.
My goal is to drop weight and grow longer hair using the help of the moon.  Heck, when you get bored with dieting you have to change it up.  If you need a new formula to help improve your image, start looking at things you haven't tried.  At the very least it will add a little excitement to your beauty routine.  As for now when the moon is waning I am going to give my hair oil treatments and deep conditioning.  Today I am going to feast, drink and be merry.  Oh, here is the brunch that Joy and Faith made for today's last hoorah.  Food porn anyone? Cheese Grits, Maple Bacon, Eggs, Cut Potatoes (home fries), Buttermilk Pancakes

Food Porn, Brunch, Breakfast Food Porn, Brunch, Breakfast

Weisenberger Flour Mill Buttermilk Pancakes
Buttermilk Pancakes
Weisenberger Flour Mill a Kentucky Proud product

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