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Ren vs. Wen: They Are Nothing Alike

Wen vs Ren; Wen vs Balding; Co-Washing vs Clarifying Shampoo 
I added this Jan 8, 2017

It is easy to mistake RenPure (Ren) for Wen.  Their packaging and labels are very similar.  They are also both called cleansing conditioners, but this is where the similarities end.  Ren is a cheaper product than Wen, but Wen is a far superior product.  Everyone in my family agrees Ren is not a suitable substitution to Wen.  Wen detangles my hair, making it easy to get a comb through my natural hair.  My hair feels silky and soft to the touch with Wen, and I can also leave the product in my hair as a styling product.  Ren, on the other hand, leaves my hair extremely tangled, hard and waxy to the touch and suds up like a protein treatment.  You are not supposed to leave protein treatments in your hair  because it can make your hair hard and dry.  Hmmm, that is oddly similar to how Ren makes my hair feel.  If you used Ren before ever trying Wen thinking that they should be the same, I am telling you now they are not.  Please do not judge Wen by how your hair reacts to Ren; they are different, and to me Wen is worth the price.  I like touching my hair with Wen, but Ren made me hate the feel of my hair.  It was depressing.  I realized that some people out there might think the two products are the same, and I just want you to know that they are not!

If you can't afford Wen, then co-wash but don't use Ren.  I received some extremely good results co-washing with the list of conditioners below, but Ren was one of the worst results I have ever had.  I know some of you are thinking well her hair is kinky-curly I don't have that problem.  Let me tell you even the straight-haired man in my family hated Ren and loves Wen. My mother has wavy hair; she went off about her results with Ren.  I prefer Wen to co-washing because my hair results in no tangles, but when I can't get Wen--and there are times when I can't--I co-wash with conditioners because using Ren is not a good substitute.  If money is an issue, co-wash with these products they work, and many times I leave them in my hair to make my curls pop:

Kiss My Face        Herbal Essence         Aussie Moist    Organix Coconut Milk   Sauve Naturals

I am planning on doing a vblog to show you the differences between Ren and Wen.  I cannot repeat enough that Ren is not worth the money.  Maybe those who have never used Wen would think Ren is okay, but that is only because they have not experienced their hair on Wen.

Note: I have since found Herbal Essences Naked Cleansing Conditioner to be a great alternative to Wen.  Read more by clicking the link above.   P.S.  You can find out more about hair products and DIY hair products by clicking on the Hair Page.  This note added June 7, 2015.

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