Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Party Kickoff-"Sister to Sister" (Getting In The Christmas Spirit)

White and Red Queen
Aunt Crystal wears the white hat.  Mom wears the Red.
The White and Red Queen

Our Aunt (Mom's sister) always throws a party the first Saturday of December titled "Sister to Sister.”  It is her way of celebrating her relationship with her sisters and other women.  It is her official Christmas kickoff party.  She never cancels, not during a snow storm, not during an ice storm, and not during a tornado.  It has become a tradition.  This year was no different.  We had a winter storm that Friday, and yet we were all there and ready to party.

Now, many of my Aunt's friends are older than her.  In fact, some of the women are at least 20 years older, so the party is kind of a strange and wonderful mix of women.  The point of the party is to have fun and, oddly enough, everyone does.  Now, at every party there is food, but this party is a little different.  My Aunt, who makes wonderful food, keeps it simple and tasty for this party.  We all eat well, but the main course is experiencing a day together.  It is a moment in time that makes you feel good about yourself and, frankly, privileged to be a woman.  Trust me, the guys have their own party that day, but I doubt it was as lively.

My Aunt's "Sister to Sister" party allows everyone of us to be little girls and grown women at the same time.  We play games.  We sing songs (Twelve Days Of Christmas every year), and we dance. Yes, we have a grand old time.  My Aunt may not know how much everyone appreciates her party, but we do! I admit sometimes I have a little panic attack before going.  I am not always feeling very social or in the Christmas spirit, but by the end of the night I am always glad that I came.  Plus where else am I going to see an 80 year old woman drop it like its hot!!! My Aunt's friends may be older than her, but they sure can party! 

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