Friday, June 24, 2016

Brexit A Cautionary Tale for American Voters

Last night I stayed up to watch the Brexit voting numbers come in, what a nightmare.

Brexit in 5 words and six different thoughts:

1. Your pound is so weak.
2. Britain had a senior moment.
3. No Scotland No United Kingdom.
4. England take our Trump please.
5. Kiss your buying power goodbye.

Britain is a cautionary tale for every American with the right to vote.

5 Rules for 2016 election:

1. Don't depend on the polls.  I don't care if it says Democrats are winning by a landslide.  Let your vote be counted.

2. The youth vote must get out and vote.  British youth will be living with the consequences of Brexit for the next 65 years!!! Older population will only suffer for 16 years of their lives.  Protect your future vote!!!

3. This is not the year to make a protest vote.  Every vote will be needed to push back against the fear vote, the hate vote and the ignorance vote.  Don't depend on my vote to keep you safe from a 1950's America.

4. Just because your friend seems cool doesn't mean they aren't motivated by racism.  You need to vote you don't know what your "friend" is really thinking.

5. We need your vote because of SCOTUS, women's rights, and Dreamers Rights!

While the rest of the four are political I will not speak for them here.  This is strictly the opinion of Love.