Thursday, January 19, 2017

Saying Yes to the USA and No to the Inauguration

The Obamas at State Dinner with Canada's 1st Family

The day is here.  We go from a country that was moving towards full equality, social acceptance, and education/healthcare for all, longer being that.  January 20, 2017 is a day of elation for a few and a day of horror for the rest of the world but Putin.  I am deciding not to let fear, sadness and uncertainty to dominate my weekend.  I am also deciding not to let the new President and his cabinet of unqualified one percenters take over my weekend and neither should you!!! Even if you are going to a protest keep your eyes on the prize.  Protest for the moral conscious of America and for the rights of American Citizens! Send your energy in the right direction.  In other words starve the jerks! Starve them of energy, attention and ratings.  Feed America, your family, and yourself goodwill and understanding.

So how do we starve them? Well, a lot of us have formed our own ways to protest.  First you have to look at the number one thing the new president cares about ratings and attention.  So, unfortunately certain TV stations are going to be starved too. We are leaving all our TVs on but not on any station that focuses on the transition of power.  If we tweet we won't mention the new presidents name.  If we need to check the news, google the news.  If you can't resist watching the Inauguration watch it on Univision or Telemundo or NHK.  In other words if you want to protest but can't resist watching, watch on a foreign language channel. To make this easier for you, I made a list.

Starve List:

1. Do Not Watch Friday: CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, FOX, FOX News, CBS, Headline News, CNBC or any other station that might have the Inauguration or news of it.
2. Do Not Watch for the Whole Weekend: CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, Headline News, and CNBC
3. Do Not mention of the new 1st family on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other Social Media site.

The Starve List is pretty easy.  The Feed List is a little more intense, lol.  I mean how do we spend our weekend?  How do we avoid looking at the biggest train wreck in American history? Well, why not post a bunch of Youtube videos about how you see the world or what you hope for in the future.  Entertain your family and friends.  (Oh, shit some of my postings have the new prez's name in it.  Oh well no new posting (this weekend) will have his name but I will be reposting some of my old stuff.)  As for me, I am going to be shamelessly promoting myself and my family.  Oh and posting thanks to Obama and other people who make our world great.  Let me just write the list.

Feed List:

1. Turn on all the TV's to channels not covering the transition of power.
    Example: Food Network, Cartoon Network, SyFy Channel
2. Tweet Thanks to people, leaders, and family members who improve your life.
3. Call your local politicians and let them know how you feel.
4. Call the congress members who support equal rights for all and thank them.
5. If you have something of yours to promote this is the weekend to do it.  If your family member is promoting themselves this weekend use the time to support them.  Send energy where it is needed.
6. Go out to eat at a place that serve Mexican food, Chinese food, Indian food, Korean food, Soul Food and any other ethnic group/nationality's cuisine.  Let's celebrate our differences.
7. Post about the rights you love and the rights you will keep!
8. Most of all take an hour for yourself each day this weekend.  You are worth more than our new prez knows.  You are an American citizen. "You are smart.  You are beautiful and You are important." -This is not the exact quote from The Help but you get my point.

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