Thursday, January 5, 2017

Command 2017 Because Resolutions Are No Longer Good Enough

After living through the year that SHOULD BE STRUCK from history, I will not depend on wishes, resolutions or "Good Thoughts" to get me what I want.  I mean resolutions are supposed to be "a firm decision to do or not do something" by definition! If you dare to look back at that GOD AWFUL YEAR that shall not be named you will realize it will take more than a resolution to get through the next four years.  That hateful year has set us all back.  I mean we are going to need more than a resolution to make this better.  It is not that I won't make wishes, set goals and have resolutions but I need something more than those things to improve my life and my family's life!  The results of last year's actions presumably will set us all back this year and the three years to come.  I am determined not to let that happen.  In fact, the whole country can go completely insane, but I am determined to make sure we thrive.  We can't afford any weak links not this year.

There are some "Must Do's" for the "4":

1. Will make more than we spend.
2. Will laugh more than we fight.
3. Will learn our bodies strengths (enhance) and weaknesses (improve).
4. Will expand our talents.
5. Will expand our knowledge.
6. Perfect health is a must.
7. Spiritual health is a must.
8. Building alliances is a must.
9. We must reach our physical goals because our very lives (not just quality of life) may depend on it.
10. Most of all we must learn the REAL VALUE of everything.  Remember the value of money fluctuates.

I know to many of  you I am speaking too generally but my grandmother taught me to speak in code and for my family this is specific enough.  By the time the Kentucky Derby rolls around everyone should be able to see if we are on track or not.  Phase I of 2017 is to wipe out every weakness I have.  Phase II of 2017 is for people to see that I really do live my life as art.  Phase III for My Royal Family 4 is to make sure our large family (aunts, uncles, cousins) are all strong links.  We are only as strong as our weakest.  Phase IV BEST CHRISTMAS EVER and assessing what needs to happen next.

Right now I am not worried about the body goals for two of the members of My Royal Family 4.  I am working out 5x a week these days.  One sister is in a ballroom dancing competition so she will be fine too.  Oddly it is the skinniest of the sisters and of course our mom who may need help getting it into gear.  They are both very serious but their focus is being pulled toward money.  I hate to say it but health, body image and money are going to be linked this year more than ever.  There is one thing I know about us, if one does well the others will catch up.  I guess this year I will be Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.   I will be in front guiding the sleigh during the snowstorm although they may not notice until we reach the end of Phase I, lol.  Phase I the focus is clearing away all the "stuff" and finding the doors we never even knew existed.  I want to smile while reaching all my goals.  I want to cast "doubt", "what if" (the bad ones) and "fear" aside for good. Phase I, is the most important because if only Phase I is completed I am still having a very good year.

That brings us to the command part of 2017! We will not lose anymore ground 2017 that is a command! Do you understand me? Tell 2017 what you expect of it.  Command it to behave the way you need it to and don't look back at that awful, star killing year we just had.

2017 my commands are as follows:

My body will be as I choose not as my negative emotions choose.  I will be healthier, hotter, and more physically powerful than my best self.  This extends to all members of my family as well.

I will enjoy myself, my life and all of my rights.  This is not negotiable!

2017 You will literally remove all racist and hateful people from my personal path.

My time will be spent making money and living life as art.

My family will be more protected than Fort Knox.

Only those who add light, fun, wisdom, opportunity, and true friendship can be brought into any of my family's circle.

Mend all of my family's misunderstandings, hurts and disagreements so we may help and enhance each other's lives and futures.

Anyone not in my family who has sought to harm anyone in my family or to wrongfully take from anyone in my family will be removed and bound from harming any of us again and 2017 must restore by 1000x what has been taken.  

I will work easy because life is easy when you work without fear.  I must change my mindset because hard work only gets you so far.  Creative work, now that gets you beyond your wildest dreams.  Most of all 2017 I will clown around because life needs a laugh or two.

Now more than ever it is important to have fun.


One New Year's Resolution Completed Thanks to CycleBar