Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Why I Love Sleepy Hollow And Ichabbie

July, 4th 2016: It has taken me a while to up date this but I couldn't bring myself to look at my hopes for a show that has been ruined by its writers.  They killed my princess.  They killed all hope of redemption for the awful seasons 2 and 3. They have left their fans united in anger!!!  That is all.

Let me make a few things clear first:

1. I, Love Yascone, am a fan of Sleepy Hollow.  The others in this My Royal Family 4 will watch with me but I dare not include them as a fan.  Technically they barely watch TV.  We as a group love animation, anime and Korean Dramas.  We binge watch Korean dramas and Japanese anime for days.

2. The only reason why I watch FOX & FX is for their animated series (Family Guy, Archer & American Dad (Oops American Dad is now on TBS)).  The only live action show I watch with FOX is Sleepy Hollow.  No I don't watch Empire although I think our friends in Korea would love Empire. I watch mostly the SyFy channel and AMC's The Walking Dead but like I said as a family we don't watch American TV that much. Yes, there are shows that we love but we don't wait for the next week's episode.  We usually watch 5 episodes at a time or totally forget about the show for a year or two.

3. If Sleepy Hollow is not renewed there is absolutely no show on FOX that I am looking forward to seeing next fall.  I never watched FOX shows before.  I have not been a loyal fan of a FOX show ever!  I personally watch a lot of TV.  Oddly I read a lot too but I don't wait for the next week to see what happens on a TV show, not even with Game of Thrones or Walking Dead.  I will watch both shows on key must watch days but I don't feel like missing an episode is a problem.  I can always catch up.

It was the year 2013 and my husband was still alive when Sleepy Hollow premiered.  I was looking forward to this show from the summer promos.  It was the perfect campfire/horror/fairytale story from my childhood.  I wanted to see how they were going to make it modern.  I did not know about Nicole Beharie.  I did not know or care about who the leads were.  I cared about the story.  Watching the show for the first time with the rest of the world I received something better than a good story.  I was watching the beginnings of a awesome duo.  Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie became a modern day Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.  They were "dancing" the hell out of this story.  I was happy.  I was even happier that Sleepy Hollow had a female black lead.  For me, Abbie, was my perfect Fairy Princess, one that could kick ass!  Ichabod was the perfect prince "Sleeping Charming" "Sleeping Handsome"lol.  The chemistry between the two actos was not forced.  Watching Sleepy Hollow I saw two characters who knew that they must protect each other.  They were two equals.

Ichabbie, were great at teasing one another without causing pain or real embarrassment.  They built a relationship out of the most extra ordinary situation that can happen in a story.  Two strangers, from two different times (1770's & 2013) must save the world.  They accepted each other for who they were and there was a genuine love between the two.  There is nothing on TV that is like Sleepy Hollow and the relationship between Ichabod and Abbie.  Remember when you were little and you had that favorite bedtime story that you had to read before you fell asleep? Sleepy Hollow for me has become that story.

When I was little I wanted to be the princess who saved the prince.  Abbie does that.  When I was little I wondered would a prince choose me over the "standard" fairytale princess.  Ichabod chose Abbie over his wife and he owned that choice.  Sleepy Hollow is the story I needed as a kid.  It has a great cast and a great storyline.  Yes, some of the episodes have been weak but even so Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie are always on point! The show could benefit from someone who is 50% a Guillermo del Toro  and 50% William Goldman (S. Morgenstern) but the elements are there! I am sick of seeing the absolute worst of humanity on TV.  Ichabbie are great heroes with an even greater love and respect for each other.  They are the couple who can (if FOX allows the show to continue) live happily ever after kicking demon ass.  This show could be the perfect fantasy/romance/scifi and frankly it is the bedtime story for which we have all been waiting.


Check Out Sleepy Hollow: Pilot on Hulu. Sleepy Hollow  Oh and please tell Hulu that Love Yascone referred you.

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