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My Comment To The Courier-Journal's "Airbnb Rules Rip Neighbors Apart"

I have included my comment that I posted below but I wanted to add something.  Airbnb doesn't rip neighbors apart.  Neighbors who harass other neighbors can destroy the neighborhood.  The article leaves out the fact that this woman has problems with UofL! That this woman has never added anything to improve the area.  It seems to me at least that she only targets people who invest money into the area.  Old Louisville is a part of the city and like cities it is finally fighting for her own rebirth.  We neighbors live in Old Louisville because we want to be part of the action.  The Universities (yes, plural, more than just UofL in the neighborhood), the architecture, the diversity (economic, racial and religious) and of course Churchill Downs makes Old Louisville a neighborhood where all the action is.  It is perfect for artist and writers and foodies but there is a problem.  People like the woman in the Courier-Journal's article Airbnb Rules Rip Neighbors Apart prefer to have neighbors with no economic power because those people are easy to control.  A half way house or a person renting from a slum lord will do anything she asks but a restaurant, a school or a homeowner who puts money into their property aren't that easy to control.  Empty house after empty house is fine with her but talking in the back yard that you pay for is going to be a problem! Apparently Airbnb is not the only problem she has because she has complained before Airbnb.  She wants her way and only her way.  She doesn't care about the neighborhood, if she did she would open her eyes to the real problems.  Old Louisville is economically mixed.  Very rich lives with the very very poor and it takes money to improve and enrich the neighborhood.  Courier-Journal should have vetted this woman first!

I am over tired y'all.  I went to Thunder Over Louisville last night and it really angers me to have to deal with this.  This blog is supposed to be about happy things but I need to send a message.  Attacking one of the 4 is attacking all of the 4 and I will fight back.  My mother and sisters are all I have.  I don't want or need anything else but of course Bryan, God rest his soul.  I am the sword and the shield.

Courier-Journal's article Airbnb Rules Rip Neighbors Apart
My comment:

Number 1 Question the Courier-Journal should ask itself is if they actually investigated the woman in the article?

Did they know she is personally responsible for shutting down many businesses in Old Louisville by filing false complaints.  She does not have an Airbnb problem she has a Old Louisville business problem.  People who put money into Old Louisville she complains about but she seems to have no problem with the vagrants and empty houses which has been the case for Old Louisville for over 40 years.  

Old Louisville is becoming a better neighborhood and that is partly due to Airbnb.  Houses that once sat empty are now being sold.  When guest stay in Old Louisville they want to buy in Old Louisville.  This woman has done nothing to make her neighborhood better and has made it her mission to keep Old Louisville economically challenged.  If you doubt me ask the owners of the now defunct Carly Rae's. She complained about their karaoke night.  Now Carly Rae's sits empty.  It was once a great place to walk to in the neighborhood and have brunch.  We would sit outside to dine when the weather was nice.  Much of Old Louisville did.  She complained about that.  She complains about people talking in their own back yard.  If her neighbor had his family over every weekend to bbq she would complain about that.  She didn't want to hear any signs of life; Not a woman waiting with her grandmother for an uber and not her neighbor sitting at home in his own back yard or the patrons at a restaurant.  Old Louisville is a growing part of a beautiful CITY! Money, ideas and art are flowing into Old Louisville and we neighbors are no longer content to sit silently next to empty houses.   Restaurants improve neighborhoods and wealthy people have been renting out their property for years and staying at rental properties instead of hotels for years.  Airbnb gives this option to the other 99%.  

FYI the author of this article didn't do any real research.  Everyone knows our family and they know Glenda The Good/Glenda The Golden is our mother!  That is just one of many things this "article" gets wrong! Did you know Richard takes out Holly's trash for her, that is he did, until she started harassing his guest.  Did you know that Richard keeps his house looking in tip top shape.  In fact Airbnb houses usually look better and are cleaner than any other house on the block because they have to be.  Property values go up around Airbnb homes, unlike slum lords who dominated Old Louisville in the past, we care about our property.  We don't earn money with torn down run down property so we put thousands of dollars into our places sometimes monthly!  Complain about the half way houses or the empty house/business but don't destroy Old Louisville because you don't want to hear me talking!  Not yelling but talking!

This is why Germantown, Nulu, Butcher town, highlands, Clifton, Crescent Hill and many other walkable communities have grown & Old Louisville has had stifled growth!

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