Thursday, December 31, 2015

Kicking Start Your New Year With Foundation Garments (The Low Down On Period Panties And Waist Training)

I really want to be in-depth about waist training and period panties but I will do that in 2016.  Today is the last day of 2015 and I just want to say yes or no on these two intimate apparel subjects.

Period Panties by THINX WORKS!  I love them.  They feel great.  They stay dry.  They protect your clothes.  I had them on during a road trip for over 18 hours with no problem!  Just be careful these panties can get full.  I wore them just long enough to get it to the over full point.  If they get over full the stitching can be an area of leaking but not really.  I like it better than pads and tampons and I think they are great to wear while sleeping.  I feel it is prefect for preteens just starting their menstrual cycle.  Read the washing directions.

Now on to waist training, which I like.  What I don't like is over paying for something when it is not the best product on the market.  That waist training company that the Kardashian's keep promoting is over priced by over $60.00 and it is not the best one.  How do I know?  I own two of them.  I will talk more about that company later.  Very unhappy with that company and their over priced under performing products.   I am not naming the company because I want to devote more time to deal with this company.  Now on to Divafit, my waist trainer of choice, is not cheap.  It is also not super expensive. I love this product.  The sizes are true to fit.  A medium is a real medium.  They fit well and are comfortable.  The quality is very good, too. It is much better than the one the Kardashian girls keep taking selfies in.  I also own Miss Belt Instant HourGlass Shape, thanks to Faith giving it to me as a Christmas gift.  It is cheap and it is worth it.  It makes my back feel better and supported.  It feels like a back bra, lifting you up.  It is bulkier than real waist trainers but for true back support this one feels better.  Comfortable enough to sleep in and worth the money.  Waist training has some benefits beyond making you look smaller.  I swell up a lot, especially while driving or flying.  I have to wear compression socks and stockings.  I really should wear compression sleeves for my arms.  I think waist trainers that offer compression can offer help for those who need it.  It is not just vanity people. I take long road trips and even if I am fasting my body can gain 10-20 pounds in water weight in one day.  It is very scary and can take 2 days to recover.  When traveling I must wear compression everything.  Waist training has a point.

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