Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Way of Fire: My Primo Passo Using The Color Red And Fire To Take Control of My Body

Okay it is late.  There is a storm rolling in and I can hear the thunder.  It shakes the walls of the room and now I hear the droplets of rain.  Oddly enough, I am showing one of my sisters, Joy, RDG (Red Data Girl) but don't get it twisted I have had this "Way of Fire" idea for months.  I have a slight migraine with nausea.  I am doing better than I was this morning.  I was vomiting at 5:00 am.  It is now 10 minutes until 10:00pm.  It is a new moon and I have put off implementing this little idea for far to long.  The new moon is a good day to take my first step, my primo passo on The Way Of Fire.

My brain and hands seem to be the only living parts of me, every other part of me at best seems to be in a coma and at worst...well a rock seems to have more life.  I thought about it for a long time. My body and I are losing our connection.  I have allowed my physical form to go the path of destruction.  Being in mourning makes it hard to acknowledge the need to get up and exercise. (My dog is demanding my attention at this very moment.) I can't go on a diet. The thought of exercising to improve my health just is not motivating.  There is only one thing that can fix my physical form, my imagination. (Now my dog is hiding under me.  The storm is getting worse.)

I have researched and I have decided to play with the color red, the frequency of the color red and the element of fire. (The electricity cut out for a second, this night has the makings of a good horror film right now.)  My goal is to wear red for one, everyday even if it is just lipstick.  My hope is that by wearing the color red my eyes and soul will awaken.  I have the frequency sound of the color red on disc.  The frequency of red is said to penetrate the body deeper than any of the other colors. There is a warning for people with high blood not to use the frequency red.  No problem for me I have extremely low blood pressure.  They also say people with anger issues should stay away from red.  I will have to take that risk.  I have an infrared sauna, which is also good for the body.  I will use the red frequency tone while in the sauna.  I will also play with the element of fire when choosing my food.  There are websites that talk about the element of fire and the color red.  I am a little too sick right now to write.  What is important for me is to hold the thought of the element fire and the color red.  I need to experience it in a way that makes my body a priority.

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